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Flood swarm form
Concept art of a Flood swarm, canonized in the Halo Encyclopedia (2022 edition) (page 409).
General overview



Method of attack:

Fires barb-like projectiles at enemies.[2][1]


The swarm form is a variety of airborne Flood combat form. Created via infection of predatory avian creatures,[2] these forms are generally seen travelling and attacking in groups. Numerous swarm forms were encountered on the Forerunner shield world of Trove during a conflict in early 2531.[1]



The swarm form is an airborne Flood combat form that possess a hunched body, two bony wings, a gaping mouth, two black eyes, and a pair of elongated trailing limbs.[2][1] Its mouth is full of teeth and its limbs end in razor-sharp talons. Despite their large size, swarm forms are surprisingly swift.[2]

The swarm forms found on Trove were created through the infection of large, predatory avian creatures that possessed adequate calcium reserves and resilient neurosystems.[2]


As their name implies, swarm forms generally move in groups, launching highly sophisticated attacks in coordination with others of its kind.[1][2] In addition to their sharp talons and teeth that can be used to rend prey into pieces,[2] swarm forms can launch infectious barbed projectiles at enemies, much like the Flood ranged form.[1][2]


During the Battle of Trove in 2531, the crew of the UNSC Spirit of Fire and Covenant forces encountered numerous flocks of swarm forms.[1]


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