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Glad to see you're back. :)

There are tons of articles needing compliance with standards (and standards and policies requiring updates). Check 'em all out.


I don't think it is possible as every contribution is linked to that account. What happens to the new user of the same account, not knowing that the account has made several contributions (regardless if they're good or bad contributions)? I would think that if you don't want to be part of a wiki (different from other websites), the only way to do it is to abandon the account without having to log in, access the account, etc.


I came across your message and this page by coincidence. Halopedia:FAQ


My guess is that she didn't take him out of cryo at all. We know that Halsey operated on a near-death Linda witho9ut removing her from cryo - presumably a cryo pod has some sort of function that allows external access to the occupant without outright removal.

I've been saying for a while now that there's plenty of ways for Cortana to have fabricated the suit - for one thing, she's got half a frigate to cannibalise for spare parts; for another, she was made from the mind of MJOLNIR's creator; and lastly, she's on the edge of rampancy herself, and doing so would take the edge off, at least for a little while.

I have to say, the armour has actually been growing on my! Yes, the shoulders are awful, but the rest of the suit is actually really nice. It seems to be harkening back to the big, bulkiness of the Mark V, rather than the streamlined smoothness of the original Mark VI. I was always disappointed about the change, myself - I loved the Mark V because it felt powerful, like a tank, while the Mark VI has been compared to a fighter jet. Evidently, 343i think a tank is a better comparison for the chief, returning to that feeling of mass that I really liked.


The Xbox Press Center is where I usually get high-res screenshots and concept art for Halo 4. For other games,'s concept art gallery is the most expansive archive that I know of.

If you want to find higher-res versions of existing screenshots/concept art, use Google Images' reverse search function.


Congratulations on Halopedian of the Month.


Your, Flood=Precursor thing actually clears up a problem of mine. Basically, my problem was that the Flood --and their specific kind of parasitic nature-- would not be compatible with any kind of normal ecosystem. But if your Precursor theory is correct, than that would explain why.

But I just thought up of something. If the Flood are the Precursors. Then why did the Flood not instantaneously conquer the galaxy when the Precursors transformed themselves. Think about it. The Flood had billions, if not trillions (the Precursors were a large species) of solders, the best technology, and they were the top people in the galaxy. Why did they choose to leave the galaxy rather than take over and infect the galaxy? Now I think I might be taking a little bit of Mass Effect canon here. But maybe, The Flood/Precursors DID take over the galaxy. Then, after all life was infected, the Flood went into dark space (or a new galaxy) and waited for sentient life to re-evolve then they went back into the galaxy in the Magle-whatever clouds?

But there are some other problems too. Like, why be a parasite? A hive-mind I can understand, no war, no jealousy, etc. You can clearly see in Human Weakness that the Gravemind is parasite to the bone. But why did the Flood not try negotiation, talking to the Forerunners and the Humans? Instead engaging in hostile war? Shouldn't the Gravemind (maybe the reincarnation of the head Precursor?) have been polite? Instead of just MINDLESSLY attacking, contradicting the Mantle by not even giving a chance to "talk it out"? Also, back to what I said before about Intelligence. If Obama or somebody said that we need to completely transform our species to go to the next stage of Evolution, we would all be like, "Fuck no! You corrupted fool!" Just thought of something. Maybe the Flood was a civil war. An extremist faction (obviously they were a little "coo-coo") that thought that a hive-mind would be the ultimate manifestation of the Mantle. And a reformist (is that the right word?) faction that thought that that was crazy, and would be a contradiction of the Mantle. So they had a war; and the Extremist faction won, and etc. But again, why a PARASITE? Just a hive-mind I could understand. But why trying to achieve their means through war? Again, another reason why I suspect that it was a little "coo-coo" extremist faction that turned into the Flood.

But, this whole theory is under the assumption that YOUR theory about the Flood is correct in the first place. Because we can't just assume that the Flood are the Precursors or else we'll be very disappointed when Book II comes out.

P.S. Could I also have your opinion on the discrepancy between the Terminals and Halo: Cryptum. The Conversation is located on the Didact's page.

- Vegerot

(sorry on my multiple spelling errors, *facepalm* they're supposed to be, "then", "write", "I'm", "Human-SAN 'SHUUM-Forerunner-Flood War")


In response to your conversation with Braidenvl. But I always wondered when I read that book. "What could be so absolutely terrible that the people that learned about it would kill themselves rather than live with the fact?" One's first answer to that question is "Well, it's something so galaxy changing that they can't bear it." But I don't like that answer. Because think about it. Before the Human-Flood-Forerunner War, the Humans were equal to, if not MORE intelligent than humanity is today. So think about this, if YOU were those humans. What could you hear to make you want to kill yourself? Nothing. So, if the humans were more intelligent, that what would make them want to kill themselves? (I would right A LOT more about this, but I've in a hurry, so I got to just give you a brief summary)

P.S. Do you think it is purely the Didact's guilt that made him pick Humanity for the "reclaimer" candidate? Because, after reading Cryptum, it seems as though the San 'Shuum would be much better reclaimers. Because, I mean, if the San 'Shuum didn't evolve on a Forerunner planet (so they wouldn't have worshipped the Forerunners religiously) don't you think they would have been wiser than humanity? Actually wait a second, I just realized that the San 'Shuum were part of the Human-Forerunner-SAN 'SHUUM War. So that would make them equal candidates for Reclaimers.

P.P.S. Would you mind reading my Geas theory on the Geas page? I would like to hear your opinions on that.


Brilliant! Ultimately, the purpose of the Mantle is to bring about unity and harmony among all life. That is exactly what the Flood seek to accomplish, albeit in a rather unpleasant, undesirable, and forceful manner. Throughout "Halo 2", "Halo 3", and "Human Weakness", the Gravemind addresses this fact; it frequently refers to such concepts - though not always verbatim - as peace, unity, and transcendence. Could the Flood be the ultimate manifestation of the Mantle? Is it a weapon or some other experiment created by the Precursors? Is the Flood the modern form of the Precursors, the product of their "transendence"? The appearance of the Flood in the Milky Way is certainly not a fluke. Whatever the Precursors' "answer" is, we know that it is so terrible that those who learned of it - with the exception of the Didact - went mad and killed themselves. I definitely can't wait for the next installment of the Forerunner Saga.