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Eterna CMU(under same username) the syndicate project

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"S10 EP22 WILL make you cry|"
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Kinect Adventures, Tron: Evolution, De Blob 2, Quantum of Solace, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (first one), Call of Duty: Black Ops, COD: Black Ops II, Minecraft, Halo Wars, Halo: Reach, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo: 2 Limited Edition, Halo: 3 ODST, Halo: 3, Halo: 4 Pre-Order. About 5 more Kinect games

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Pending (lots of good ones) (NOT fav: On Halo Reach, at the spire, (campaign) jump down with jet pack and fuel rod. Enemies are busy with Jorge and I spam on the 5 Unggoy under the spire, hit the cluster and Elite, go up lift, as soon as I jump I open up on a squad and jetpack, another line is made, Elite dodges right into rod that hits crater from last run BOOM!!!:)

It was also very satisfying to beat Halo: 3 ODST, Reach and 4 on Legendary. Halo 3 is a very casual work in progress. I am a bit too unused to Halo Wars,CE, and 2 to try them soon, but I will eventually. ( Maybe not Halo: 2)

Worst Halo moment

Halo:Reach, Lone Wolf. (Dying) Getting Bandanna skull in silent cartographer. (Hard)

Lone Wolf wins title ten-fold. Red vs Blue, Season 10, Episode 22. When the Director shut of everything and picked up the pistol, I cried. I have only been that sad a handful of times.(my eyes are wet writing this) :(

Anything else

I love Halo:--(title here)--. I am prone to restart in campaign until I get something perfect. (Like on Legendary in halo 4 Ivanoff station, I died many times trying to activate the shield while a phantom was inside and escape with just a hologram, sticky detonator, and AR or DMR against elites, jackals, grunts, and the phantoms of course.) I succeeded, but I don't think others will like it when I restart EVERY time I die or a marine dies or that elite was 2cm too far to the right so I'm trying to stop that habit (done) (along with saving that power weapon the entire level (yes, I may even do so on mythic difficulty as I do on legendary already). One last thing, I have watched every Red vs Blue episode and cried at the season 10 finalie.

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You might know the term better as "browser game," and don't worry, I didn't click the link.


Yeah, I don't think it could be done in vanilla Halo as is. It'd need a new gametype or gametype options to be added.

As for RvB, I actually havne't been keeping up with that.


It might be interesting, yeah. A good party game. Are you asking if that could be done without modding or honor rules? If so, no. A little tibit, I actually did that in this one flash game.


It was. You started this conversation by bringing it up.


Talking about the grenade stick.


It's right here. It's on the site. You started this conversation based on somethingI posted on it. As for the TP gun, that actually would be pretty cool. BUT, I think it shouldn't kill enemies. It wouldn't be useless, you could drop them off cliffs or throw them far enough away from you that you can escape. I'd say a one hit would be OP. With no damage it makes it a kinda zany weapon that takes a little bit of smarts to use.


Does sound sorta cool, though how do you set either end? Also, you should probably post this in the weapon wish list.


I think the incredibly disturbing spike thing would be really fun. Imagine fighting a falcon with a massive corpse chain. I sorta imagine the motion of attacking with it as casting a fishing hook.


By all means, theoretical physics for the win.

I'm thinking the design flaws would be the massive power source and possibly being killed by the radiation. I was thinking it was theoretically possible with slipspace stuff, but the technology wasn't advanced enough. Though.... I've thought that possible explanations for weapons that operate on rule of cool was that a super advanced race was advanced enough that they used them for basically super paintball. They they would have such advanced armor, that stuff that'd be lethal to us even in armor could be blocked by their version of those nerf vests. Still far fetched though. Precursors just happened to make their theme parks out of not neural physics? :P