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Artwork of the Flood Blightstalker.
General overview


Quadrupedal, knuckle-walking posture

Method of attack:

Sharp teeth and hooked forelimbs


Blightstalkers are one of three keymind types employed by the Flood.[1]


Blightstalkers take their name from the Blightlands in which they primarily reside. They function as keymind coordinators in environments in which no intelligent hosts are available for assimilation, and serve as hunters which scour the interior of the blightlands for those who may have survived the first wave of Flood infection prior to the blightland's establishment. They are large and aggressive predators, typically hunched over to use their forelimbs for movement. While stalking the blightlands, Blightstalkers act as a command node for local Flood forces which - when combined with their own speed and power - makes them extremely dangerous foes.[1]