Seeder infector

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Seeder infector
General overview



Method of attack:

Spit shards of bone[1]


The Seeder Infector[1] is a type of Flood infection form. Seeder infectors are employed by the Flood as lighter-than-air forms that swim through the sky and attack aircraft. Seeder infectors can infect aircraft and convert them to Flood use, but are also capable of spitting bone fragments of their victims at enemy targets.[1]


Seeder infectors were encountered by UNSC and Banished forces during the Second Ark Conflict in 2559.


Seeders are the aerial equivalent of the land-bound Flood infester form as they are both primarily meant to infect enemy vehicles. Seeders, however, differ slightly with the abovementioned ability to also attack ground infantry with bone fragments. Nevertheless, Seeders are incredibly vulnerable and must rely on numbers and speed to remain effective.


  • Seeder infectors maybe the spiritual successor to both the Flood swarm and the Flood bomber from the original Halo Wars as they both attack ground infantry with barbs like the former, and infect targets like the latter.


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