Emp'seam-pattern Antlion

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Emp'seam-pattern Sky Striker
A crop of the Antlion mega-turret.
Production overview


Assembly Forges[1]





10.0 meters (32.8 ft)[1]


Template:Convert/multi2LoffAoffSoff (222.7 t)[1]

Ammunition type:

1 siege plasma mortar


2 operators or remote link[1]

Rate of fire:

Three-shot burst

Effective range:


Service history

In service:

Human-Covenant War
Post-Covenant War conflicts


The Emp'seam-pattern Sky Striker, more commonly known as the Antlion[1] or mega turret is a giant ground stationary weapon built by the Covenant. It is essentially a long-range, heavy plasma mortar.

Design details[edit]

The Antlion is a massive Covenant plasma turret that was in service during and after the Human-Covenant War. During the height of the empire, the turret was used by the Covenant to protect Covenant military and religious installations, but these massive cannons have also been encountered at remote colonies and outposts guarding nothing of obvious value and reflexively attacking all who approach without long-forgotten authorization codes.[2][3] It is capable of dishing out considerable damage against hostile forces. It fires three bolts of superheated plasma in quick succession, doing considerably high damage to nearby enemy units.

Its appearance, design and function is similar to that of the Type-48 Weevil Artillery Platform.

Operational history[edit]

During the Battle for Arcadia, the Covenant deployed an Antlion near one of Pirth City's spaceports shortly before the evacuation ships were due to launch. The turret failed to stop the launch and two of the ships escaped.[4] Another Antlion was deployed in the outskirts of Pirth City, but was destroyed by the UNSC forces from the UNSC Spirit of Fire.[5] During the Battle of Trove, the Covenant forces abandoned one of their Antlions near the exit that led to the surface of the shield world.[6]

Several Antlions were deployed by Merg Vol's Covenant during the Battle of Draetheus V in order to secure a series of bridges at the Epsilon Expanse.[7] At least five Antlions were deployed during contemporaneous operations on Draetheus V's artificial moon, X50.[8] During the Second Ark Conflict the Banished would make use of their own version of the Antlion.[9]


Halo Wars[edit]

In Halo Wars the Antlion is a strong and resilient stationary unit. The only instances that they can be controlled are on the campaign level Escape and Skirmish level Tundra. A burst from the turret is strong enough to wipe out a squad of Marines. To destroy one, it is recommended to use units that has a high speed, because they can reach the turret before it fires at them. Another tactic is to attack from its back, since it takes time for it to turn around and fire. One can also exploit its long recharge time by sending a cannon fodder unit as a distraction for the turret to eliminate, and then attack the turret with full force while it recharges. In the level Escape, the Antlion is located next to the initial Covenant citadel, and can be used to destroy the base. Thanks to its long range of attack, one can also use it to destroy the Scarabs encountered in the level. An additional advantage is that it can fire on targets obscured by "the fog of war", requiring no nearby allies around its target unlike most leader abilities.

In order to use the Antlion the player must station an infantry squad inside the structure and pay resources in order to fire it at a location. The player must wait until the turret recharges before they can fire it again.

A hidden Antlion is in the level Repairs, but outside of the map since its blasts are being to used to represent those of the Sinaris-pattern heavy destroyer. The only way to see it is through the Repairs glitch.

Halo: Spartan Assault[edit]

In Halo: Spartan Assault the Antlion is a stationary unit with strong durability. It can destroy Wraiths in three direct shots and Ghosts in one direct shot, and can also kill player with one direct hit. The only setback is the turret will give a warning where it will fire, giving the player a chance to evade it. The Antlion can be destroyed with one C4 explosive or several rounds of anti-armor weaponry; other weapons are not recommended due to its strong health. When firing, it emits two separate mortar projectiles. The Antlion cannot be disabled with a charged plasma pistol.


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