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This article is about the heavy variant of the plasma mortar mounted on Wraiths. For other ground-based plasma mortars, see Plasma mortar.
A heavy plasma mortar on a Zurdo-pattern Wraith during the Siege of New Alexandria. From Halo: Reach campaign level Exodus.
The heavy plasma mortar mounted on a Zurdo-pattern Wraith.

The heavy plasma mortar, also known as plasma mortar cannon,[1] is a type of plasma mortar and the primary armament of the Wraith.[2][3] The United Nations Space Command's Office of Naval Intelligence has typically type-classified encountered heavy plasma mortars based on the type classifications of Wraiths under the designation of Directed Energy Mortar (DEM).[2][4] It is nicknamed PM, Comet, and Brimstone.[5]


Design details[edit]

The heavy plasma mortar is extremely powerful and is one of the most powerful ground-based application of Covenant energy weapon technology.[5] The plasma blast is typically a blue-white or red orb that is 0.91 metres (3.0 ft) in diameter,[5] which burns the air it passes.[6] The plasma blast travel rather slowly in the air, so it can be out-maneuvered easily by a fast vehicle, including Warthogs.[7] However, upon impact, the plasma blast obliterates everything—titanium battle plates, concrete, or flesh—within 20 metres (66 ft) at the point of impact,[8] all the while leaving a large crater on ground in its wake.[7] The blast has a kill radius of 6.09 metres (20.0 ft), and damages any targets caught in a radius of 15.24 metres (50.0 ft).[5]


The heavy plasma mortar is attached to the rear of the Wraith; the vehicle's propulsion drive can absorb almost all of its recoil.[1] The plasma mortar's main use lies in shelling and vehicular warfare,[5] as it can destroy heavily reinforced defenses from a long distance. However, it is also fairly effective in closer engagements, especially if in the hands of a skilled operator.[4]

Known types[edit]

Types Description Vehicles
Infusion-modified plasma mortar[9] A heavy plasma mortar modified by the Banished's Voridus that launches a roiling torrent of infusion matter that leaves an uncontrollable firestorm of exotic energy at the point of impact.[9]
Scorch plasma mortar[9] A heavy plasma mortar that launches mortar rounds with residual energy that leaves boiling plasma on the ground after its detonation. The plasma creates a volatile and deadly crater at the point of impact.[9]
Type-26 35cm Directed Energy Mortar (T-26 35m DEM)[2] Customary heavy plasma mortar catalogued by ONI in 2526.
Type-26 Assault Gun Carriage (T-26 AGC)[2]
Type-58 35cm Directed Energy Mortar (T-58 35cm DEM)[2][4] Customary heavy plasma mortar catalogued by ONI in 2558.
Type-58 Light Assault Gun Carriage (T-58 LAGC)[4]
Unspecified plasma mortar mounted on Ultra Wraiths A heavy plasma mortar that fires a plasma blast with cluster munitions that detonate upon impact, with several secondary explosions following shortly after.[12]
Unspecified plasma mortar mounted on Temple Wraiths A heavy plasma mortar that has a higher rate-of-fire.[13]
Unspecified plasma mortar mounted on Banished Wraiths[Note 1] A heavy plasma mortar that fires red plasma blasts.[15][16]


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  1. ^ Given that Banished Wraiths were augmented from Covenant Wraiths,[14] the "plasma mortar" listed in specifications of Banished Wraiths in the Halo Encyclopedia (2022 edition) were likely intended to be "heavy plasma mortars".


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