Plasma repeater turret

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This article is about the weapon mounted primarily on Wraiths. For other weapons named plasma repeater, see Plasma repeater (disambiguation).
The Bolroci Workshop Wraith's plasma cannon on Halo Infinite multiplayer map Oasis.
A plasma repeater turret on the Bolroci Workshop Wraith.

Plasma repeater turrets are a type of light plasma cannon used by the Covenant and its remnants.[1][2][3]


Design details[edit]

The plasma repeater turret is a light plasma cannon, capable of fully-automatic plasma fire. It can be fitted with an energy shield surrounding the mechanism to protect the gunner for incoming fire,[1][3][4] though this shield is not always used.[2]


Plasma repeater turrets are used on the light-medium ground vehicles of the Covenant. These include:


Production notes[edit]

The plasma repeater turret's design was first concepted by Glenn Israel as part of the design process for the Phelent-pattern Revenant—a vehicle cut from the final release of Halo 4. While the Revenant model was mostly finished for the game, the turret was not, and remains in an unfinished blockout state if the vehicle is spawned in the Halo 4 Editing Kit.

The design was later reused in the Monitor's Bounty update for Halo 5: Guardians as the turret on the Muv'te-pattern anti-aircraft Wraith used by the Swords of Sanghelios, and again in Halo Infinite for the Bolroci Workshop Wraith used by the Banished.


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