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A methane refinery.

The Methane Refinery is a Covenant structure.


The structure produces methane tanks. A Methane Refinery would, as its name suggests, probably refine methane for packaging in air canisters for the use of Covenant Unggoy.

Known methane refineries[edit]

Outside the Relic on Harvest, the Covenant set up a methane refinery. In February 2531 an Unidentified Spartan-II engaged 25 Covenant soldiers with no backup at that methane refinery. The Spartan killed seven Covenant soldiers but was quickly killed by the Sangheili Ustaf 'Nbekee. As a war prize, the Unggoy under 'Nbekee's command were allowed to play games with the Spartan's helmet.[1] Later on at the same methane refinery site it was possible for UNSC forces to assault and destroy the methane refinery on Harvest before they arrived at the Relic.


  • On the Halo Wars level Relic Approach one of the optional objectives is to destroy the Covenant Methane Refinery. Destruction of all refineries removes the Covenant's ability to send in dropships in the level.
  • Destroying all the methane tanks earns the player the Endless Fun Achievement.

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