Alpha Base (Harvest)

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This article is about the UNSC base on Harvest. For other uses, see Alpha Base (disambiguation).
Alpha Base (Harvest)
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Historical information


February 4, 2531

In use:

2531, Harvest campaign

Controlled by:

United Nations Space Command


Alpha Base was a UNSC Defense Force military base located in the northern polar regions of Harvest during the Harvest Campaign. Overrun by the Covenant at some point, it was later reinforced by the UNSC Spirit of Fire in February 4th, 2531 with the help of Sergeant John Forge.[1]

The base was in close proximity of the Forerunner Relic site which was scouted by Forge. Alpha Base was rebuilt with resources from Spirit of Fire and then used to launch an attack on the Relic. Forces from the base aided in taking the Relic and stopping its destruction by the Covenant.[2] However, the base couldn't send forces to help Professor Ellen Anders and Forge inside the Relic in time, forcing the Spirit of Fire to send help directly.[3]


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