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The Armory is a UNSC building in the game Halo Wars 2. It succeeds the UNSC Field Armory of Halo Wars.


Armory structures contain advanced manufacturing modules and electronic support measures that unlock structure, training time, and population capacity upgrades. Construction of an Armory allows the requisition of UNSC Spartans and Operatives to the battlefield. as well as deployment of the Condor gunship. These are key facilities for a UNSC field commander, though their full potential is only unlocked once sufficient resources are available.[1]

The Armory contains specialized machinery and robotic assemblers needed to support the logistical upgrades Isabel has added to the Spirit of Fire, as well as additional communication and sensor systems to expand the force commander's option when assembling battle groups.[1]

Upgrades and Units[edit]


  • Logistics level 1
  • Logistics level 2
  • Logistics level 3
  • Reinforcements level 1
  • Reinforcements level 2
  • Base Fortify Upgrade Level 1
  • Base Fortify Upgrade level 2
  • Base Fortify Upgrade level 3


  • Douglas-042
  • Alice-130
  • Jerome-092
  • Commander Jerome
  • Johnson's Green Machine
  • Kinsano's Cyclops
  • Forge's Warthog

Changes from Halo Wars to Halo Wars 2[edit]

  • Hero unit and upgrades now moved from Barracks into Armory.
  • Leader power can no longer be researched and can only be upgraded via Leader Power Upgrades.


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