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"UNSC Reactors provide the energy needed to access the advanced buildings, units and technology upgrades."
— In-game description[1]
A UNSC reactor.
Different views of the UNSC reactor.

The reactor is a United Nations Space Command structure used to power a prefabricated Firebase unit.


Prefabricated firebases contain a fusion reactor powered by reactions between hydrogen isotopes. The reactor allows a UNSC Firebase to operate very sophisticated systems. These reactors are modular allowing for quick setup. In order to meet a firebase's power requirements, the reactor has the ability to place an additional power unit on the other socket present on the base of the structure. These reactors are only employed on older "Pod" firebases, as more modern firebase designs are capable of only relying on generators to meet their power requirements.[2]


An ONI reactor manned by UNSC Marines on Arcadia.

Several standalone reactors were employed by the Arcadia ONI facility. During the Battle for Arcadia, these reactors were co-opted by forces of the UNSC Spirit of Fire to siphon additional power.[3][4]

In 2558, a reactor was made the target of an attack by Covenant remnants. During the attack, the remnants were able to hijack an M510 Mammoth and set it on a collision course with the facility, though the vehicle was stopped by Blue Team before it could destroy the reactor.[5]


In Halo Wars, reactors increase the technological (amount of energy units) level of the UNSC, which allows them to field heavier and more advanced units. For each unit, building and upgrade of the UNSC, a certain number of energy units is required to make use of it. Typically the most advanced of units/upgrades require more energy units than less advanced ones. Each reactor constantly provides at least one energy unit, and will continue to do so until destroyed. With 1200 resource units, a default reactor can be upgraded to an advanced reactor, which provides the an output of power equal to two default reactors, or two tech units.

Reactors have been replaced by Generators in Halo Wars 2 to accommodate an adjusted power gameplay mechanic.


Basic reactor: 250 resources, each additional unit bought costs 250 more than the previous amount."Increases tech level."

Advanced reactor: 1,200 resources.


  • When even slightly damaged from enemy fire, reactors can be seen venting a blue substance.
  • Reactors can be found abandoned throughout the Halo Wars campaign and skirmish maps. Those in campaign are empty while those found in skirmish maps are guarded by hostile units.


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