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This article is about the Halo Wars building. For the device found in other games, see Teleporter.
A teleporter (left) and a teleporter exit point (right).

The Forerunner teleporter is a Forerunner device utilising the principle of slipspace translocation for near-instantaneous transport over short distances to another teleporter or a teleporter exit point. The teleporter emits a green aura while its exit pad emits a blue aura.[1] There was at least two sets within the shield world Etran Harborage.[2]


The Forerunner teleporter is a building found in Halo Wars campaign and multiplayer. They are directly based off of Halo 2 and 3's teleporters, and function in the same way. The teleporter instantly sends units to another teleporter location or a teleporter exit. However, only one unit can use the teleporter at a time, so a large attack force will take a longer time to go through, allowing enemies to pick off teleported units one-by-one at the exit.

Two bidirectional set of Forerunner teleporter could be found in the campaign level Beachhead, one of which must be used to progress the level. The building is more common in Skirmish maps, appearing in Blood Gulch, Labyrinth, and Fort Deen. The teleporters in Labyrinth allow for two-way access, while Fort Deen is the only map where the teleporters are defended by rebels.

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