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Map overview


Halo Wars

Lore information


Presumably interior of Trove

Gameplay overview


  • Forest
  • Forerunner

Recommended number of players:

2v2 (4 players)

A maze of Forerunner structures creates a complex and challenging battlefield. The Forerunner Protector units may hold the key to victory.

Labyrinth is a multiplayer map in Halo Wars.[1]

Labyrinth is a large 2v2 map, with building sites situated at regular intervals in the map. Large Forerunner walls also take up parts of this map. The areas of building sites slightly resembles a grid, with sites in some squares. The centre path of the map provides a direct route from one side of the map to the other. A beam emitter similar to the ones found on Installation 04 could be found in a corner of the map.

A feature unique to this map is the Protector Sentinels, which can be purchased by players at the protector plant and attached to squads. There are three unique variants, which can attack enemies, heal units and project protective shields. The map also features several Forerunner forts, which take the place of empty base build sites. These bases are protected by powerful Aggressor Sentinels, Super Sentinels, and beam turrets. With Sentinels being air units, these bases are a bit more difficult to assault early on.


  • Building strong defenses on all sides will prevent flanking from the enemy.
  • It is advisable to pick up some Protector units if passing by the Protector Plants in the side route before attacking the enemy.
  • The two Forerunner bases nearest to the middle have limited access to ground forces; it is recommended that the player take one or both of these bases.
  • The large path in the middle often turns into a choke point, valuable to the side that controls it.
  • Taking over the base to the left or right of the starting base is a legitimate alternative to scouting.
  • Keeping a unit at the Protector Plant will allow a steady stream of Protector Sentinels and prevent the enemy from purchasing them.
  • UNSC players can buy Protector Sentinels and attach them to both Spartans and vehicles, then have the Spartans commandeer the vehicles. This allows for up to three very powerful vehicles, each with two Protector Sentinels helping them.