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Terminus Firefight in Halo Wars 2.

Terminus Firefight is a cooperative gametype introduced in Halo Wars 2. In Terminus Firefight, players build both bases and armies to defend and survive against an onslaught of enemy forces. [1] This new mode is included with the digital expansion Awakening the Nightmare, released on September 26, 2017.


Up to three players amass armies to defend both their bases, and their Forerunner Terminus node against an ever-increasing and intensifying hoard of attacking enemies.
Players have to battle against UNSC, Banished, and voracious Flood forces while fighting for survival. With the ability to construct new defense measurements such as spike floors and barricades alongside classic Halo Wars gameplay features like base-building, tech trees, and Leader power usage, this modes adds an entirely new tower defense-style twist to the classic wave-based Firefight mode. The enemy firepower and health are adjusted based on how many players are participating. The more players, the more of a challenge it will be. The longer you survive the wave, the tougher the enemies you will face. If the player manages to defeat an enemy wave before next wave starts, they will be awarded bonus points; the more quickly you defeat them, the more bonus points you will earn; however, each wave appears randomly. The wave's compositions are completely random; however, every 5 waves, heavy units (mainly Grizzlies), Leader Army (Such as Flood Spawner) or Super Units will appear. The bonuses will not be rewarded if the player does not clear 5 multiplier waves (5, 10, 15, etc.) in time. The Healing Drones bonus heals all damaged units, Veterancy Bonus will increase all unit's veterancy rank by 1, and Unit Reinforcements will deploy 1 random unit with each dropship without consuming population.

Bonus items will be often dropped after a few waves. The possibilities are Power, Supply or Veterancy bonuses, and they will dropped on a random area of the map. A score multiplier will be added with every minibase you construct; however, your minibases will be extremely vulnerable to the enemy since they will attack them on sight, forcing the player to mostly concentrate their defenses around the Terminus. The more minibases you construct, the more score multipliers you will earn, but it will also put your base on more risk from enemy attacks. The score multiplier does not affect all players in a game if one succeeds in constructing a minibase; rather, it only affects those who constructed it. If you construct a minibase and complete it, you can build more turret defenses surrounding the minibase outside the Terminus to delay the enemy more, allowing you to intercept them with more organized forces, in addition to adding barricade defenses, without risking losing troops. Note that turret defenses surrounding minibases can only be constructed if a minibase's construction is complete.

The player should get close to terminus since it provides a permanent healing effect, suitable for units that defend the last line.

Always expect of every type of attack. The Huragok in this mode are modified with a glassing beam, and can self-destruct above your structures. Note that the enemy will be constantly focusing on attacking the terminus, except for air units, such as modified Huragok that can use a glassing beam if self-destructed above your base and air units who steer off from their original attack course. In a wave of ODST drops, they will always make a drop around the Terminus and main base.

As a starting base, the player will be provided with a basic squad unit (2 Marines or 3 Grunt Infantry Squad), a Tier 2 base (Combat Station or Stronghold) with five slots available and 600 supplies and 400 power. You will be given 30 seconds to prepare before the first wave starts. Terminus firefight generally provides 3 variable minibase slots to each player scattered around the map, with a total of 9 minibase slots available if played by three players; these can be seen while the game is loading. A 1-slot minibase is available near Terminus, a 2-slot minibase is available in the chokepoint area leading to the terminus, and a 3-slot minibase is available near the enemy's spawn points.


Player usually focused on placing units inside healing area around Terminus during early wave to prevent losses. Focusing on upgrading the base to full capabilities (Full Upgrade and Research) is very reccomended to prepare for the later wave and it's better to finish all the upgrades before Wave 20 so player can focus on spending resources on defenses to delay and prevent them from reaching Terminus such as making traps, upgrading it and using leader powers.


UNSC mainly favors Kodiak and Siege Turret for ground defenses and Wolverines for Air Defenses on late wave. Nightingale plays a very pivotal role in order for player to divert the resources to leader power and defenses, using Healing Drones as last healing resort.

Captain Cutter[edit]

  • Jackrabbit is very useful in scout to expand the base quicker and also helping teamates to build bases and plots.
  • His 'Close Air Support' is helpful to defend the Terminus in "Direct Air" Waves.


  • Her Ghost in the Machine would help her and the team to turn the enemy against themselves and it's very useful at wave "Heavy Air", " Scorpions", and "Heavy Vehicles".
    • This doesn't effect flood vehicles not aircraft.

Professor Anders[edit]

  • Protector Sentinels plays a critical role on early-mid game, with upgrades the Sentinels is one of the lethalest defenders.
  • R&D also serves as one of the best Leader power, stacking up with Logistics research player can reinforce the defenses quicker than other leaders.

Sergeant Forge[edit]

  • His 'Rolling Economy' would help him save resources and upgrade his base to get 2 & 3 tier faster.
  • His Warthog's aura helps his units to be more tougher including his team.
    • The Defense aura also effects the Terminus and the Spires.
  • Grizzlies are reccomended for head-on defenses, using as a tank for defending Kodiaks. Use Nightingale to assist Grizzly.

Morgan Kinsano[edit]

Sergeant Johnson[edit]

  • Since bunkers can be dropped anywhere on the battlefield through Leader Powers, utilize it to the fullest for defense advantage.
    • If the player unlocks 'Remote Sensors' he will provide the team with great Line of Sight.



  • Chill effect makes the enemy more slower to reach Terminus. Added with Kodiak's firepower, it was a devastating ground defense combination.

Banished mainly favors Blisterback for ground defenses and Reavers for Air Defenses on late wave. Enginners plays a very pivotal role in order for player to divert the resources to leader power and defenses, using Atriox's Bulwark as last healing resort.

Let 'Volir[edit]




Ripa 'Moramee[edit]

Yapyap The Destroyer[edit]

  • Due to Yapyap's Cannon Fodder that does not consume resources, player can divert the resources to research and preparing defenses more faster.


  • Mega Turret serves as a best form of defense. Players usually places Mega Turret at minibase at early wave and co-op with other players, it gives a lot of benefits for defenses on the last line.
    • Creating Blisterback is optional since the Mega Turrets are a unique siege building that don't cost any population.
    • Having 9 Mega Turrets at your base can be very effective. (Note: send resources to Pavium as he will hardly have resource genarators)
  • Just like "Close Air Support" the "Lich Vanguard" is helpful on Direct Air waves.


  • Always use incendiary gel whenever the cooldown is completed. Although not much handy at later wave, it will at least give the enemy some damage to slow their progress.


This mode is only playable on the map The Last Bastion.

The Last Bastion