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A dormant and activated energy wall on Harvest, seen in Halo Wars level Tundra.
An energy wall deactivated (top) and garrisoned by ODSTs (bottom).

An energy wall is a piece of Covenant equipment attached to Covenant watchtowers. Functionally similar to the anti-vehicle barrier, the two pylons generate a wall of energy shielding that prevents both infantry and vehicular access from one side to the other. However, weapon gunfire can still penetrate the wall, making engagement across the wall still possible.[1]


The energy wall appears exclusively in the Halo Wars Skirmish maps Tundra and Fort Deen. It is activated when infantry units are garrisoned in the adjacent Covenant watchtower, generating an impassable energy wall that prevent ground units from getting through. Units across the wall can still attack each other. Like other garrisonable structures, it provides defensive bonus to the garrisoned units, but deactivates when the garrisoned unit is killed.[1]

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