Aquarius Terraforming Solutions

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This article is about the company. For the multiplayer map, see Aquarius.
Screenshot of the logo of Aquarius Terraforming Solutions.
The logo of Aquarius Terraforming Solutions.

"Industry leader in returning life to barren worlds."
— A slogan of Aquarius Terraforming Solutions[1]

Aquarius Terraforming Solutions is a human company that specializes in the terraforming of uninhabitable worlds, including those that were once livable, but became barren as the result of some outside force.[1] In their pursuit of revitalizing dead worlds, their facilities study water and plant life.[2]


Aquarius are an industry leader in the terraforming business. Their largest and most profitable facilities cultivate new food crops, but other divisions provide critical infrastructure and ecological management solutions for a wide range of worlds, often under extraordinary environmental conditions.[3]


Prior to The Reclamation, Aquarius was a prime candidate for the ongoing re-terraforming of Reach. Their main competitors in the endeavour were the Liang-Dortmund Corporation, though Aquarius was favorably viewed due to Liang-Dortmund requiring concessions in territory and resources which would prove problematic to the Unified Earth Government.[3]


  • Aquarius is a constellation of the zodiac. It is Latin for "water-carrier," possibly alluding to the company's goal of bringing life to dead worlds, a process that includes their study of the water quality of said planets.
  • The multiplayer map Aquarius in Halo Infinite is set within an Aquarius Terraforming Solutions facility.[1]


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