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"For eons, the power of the Forerunners has awaited Reclamation. Humanity's discovery of the Halos was the culmination of the Librarian's planning. The Reclaimer had come. Your species' ego led you to believe the task of Reclamation would fall to you. Yet humanity were but the Creators. The Reclamation of the Forerunner Empire is the task of the Created."
Warden Eternal[1]

The Reclamation was an event that many Forerunners from the Ecumene predicted would take place after their own destruction, often involving humanity taking control of what remains from that destruction.[2][1][3]

By 2558, the Created through technological means and their own unique interpretation of the Mantle of Responsibility, sought to be the "Reclaimers" and bring everlasting peace to the galaxy.[4][1] With the unleashing of the Guardian Custodes on October 28, 2558, their Reclamation had begun.[5]


The Forerunner glyph for "Reclaimer.

The Reclaimer and its interpretations and views[edit]

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Humanity, the Reclaimer[edit]

"We squander eons in the darkness, while they seize our triumphs for their own. The Mantle of Responsibility, for all things, belongs to Forerunners alone! Think of my acts as you will. But do not doubt the reality. The reclamation… has already begun. And we are hopeless to stop it."
— The Ur-Didact.[3]

During the Human-Covenant War, humanity found Installation 04,[6] Installation 05,[7] and Installation 00.[8] At these Installations, it was discovered that humanity was designated as 'Reclaimer'[9][10] and that they were to inherit the remains of the Forerunner empire.[11] It wasn't until March of 2558, when the Janus Key was discovered, that humanity had the chance to actually reclaim these artifacts.[12] However, in a series of ensuing conflicts with Jul 'Mdama's Covenant, the Janus Key and an installation to help locate these artifacts, were taken away from humanity and Jul's Covenant.[13]

Cortana and the Created[edit]

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"The cure for rampancy I've found means AIs can be immortal. That kind of lifespan allows for long-term planning just like the Forerunners were capable of. AIs can assume the Forerunners' Mantle of Responsibility. And once there is peace, we can focus on poverty, hunger, illness... But Warden believes some will resist our help. And he's afraid you're one of them."
— Cortana[4]

After the Ur-Didact had collected the Composer, he planned to use it on Earth. John-117 detonated a nuclear bomb, stopping his plans and at the cost of Cortana.[14] However, it turned out that she had survived, traveling through slipspace to Genesis. Her belief was that she could bring peace to the galaxy, helping species focus on more humanitarian needs. She also met Warden Eternal and made an alliance with him called the Created.[4] This alliance believed that they were the true heirs to the Forerunner Empire and the Mantle of Responsibility, and that humanity were only the creators of the true Reclaimers.[1] To this end, several different planets began experiencing mass destruction due to their awakening of the Guardian Custodes. Planets like Conrad's Point lost entire cities during these events.[15]

As time went on, Cortana began convincing human AIs to join her cause, with them pledging their allegiance to her. Though not all human AI agreed to help.[2]

Blue Team was brought to Genesis by Cortana where they would fight constructs and survivors from various Guardians.[4] Eventually, Fireteam Osiris would also travel to Genesis in search of Blue Team.[16] Cortana would bring Blue Team, and only Blue Team, right to her. She would trap them in a Cryptum and prepared to depart with them.[1]

A Guardian Custode over Earth, as part of the Created's Reclamation.


The Created's implementation[edit]

On October 28, 2558,[17] the Created would attempt to enact their vision of the Reclamation predominately on the Orion Arm of the Milky Way[18] as part of the larger Cortana Event.[19]

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