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Corp Pelican
A corp variant of the D79-TC Pelican operated by the Liang-Dortmund Corporation, on the level Meridian Station.
Production information


Misriah Armory[1]




Multi-purpose dropship

Technical specifications


30.7 meters (100.6 ft)[2]


25.2 meters (82.7 ft)[2]


10.7 meters (35.2 ft)[2]


64.7 metric tons (63.7 LT; 71.3 ST)–77 metric tons (76 LT; 85 ST)[3]

Maximum speed:

671 km/h (417 mph)–903 km/h (561 mph)[3]

Slipspace drive:

Not equipped


15–20 personnel


3 (pilot, co-pilot, crew chief)[1]

Chronological and affiliation


Post-Covenant War conflicts


Liang-Dortmund Corporation


The "corp" Pelican[Note 1] is a version of the D79-TC Pelican dropship. It is a seemingly-civilian conversion of the standard military D79, employed by the Liang-Dortmund Corporation during their operations on Meridian.[4][5]

Design details[edit]

Main article: D79-TC Pelican

The corp Pelican is employed by the corporation for lifting and transporting cargo.[4] They are painted in the Liang-Dortmund yellow and white color scheme, and appear to have their weapon systems removed.

Operational history[edit]

At least two corporate Pelicans were present at Meridian Station on Meridian in October 2558. Following the start of the Battle of Meridian and the awakening of a Guardian Custode beneath the planet, these two dropships were used to ferry Fireteam Osiris to Apogee Station to hunt for the rogue Blue Team.[5] Throughout the battle, more corporate Pelicans would engage the Prometheans' Phaetons in the skies above Meridian, with many being shot down.[6]


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  1. ^ Though never named in game, this name is derived to stay consistent with other Liang-Dortmund vehicles that appear in Halo 5: Guardians such as the Corp Warthog and Corp Scorpion.


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