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Battle of Meridian (2558)

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Operation: BIRD IN HAND



Battle of Meridian (2558)


Post-Covenant War conflicts


October 25, 2558




Created victory

  • Some Z-1800 Phaetons
  • Numerous Promethean ground forces

In October 2558 a battle took place at Meridian, fought between the forces of the United Nations Space Command, the Liang-Dortmund Corporation and the Created.[3]

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Blue Team's decision to go AWOL in pursuit of Cortana attracted the attention of Fireteam Osiris, a group of SPARTAN-IV super soldiers who were then tasked with locating and returning them to the UNSC.


Blue Team and Fireteam Osiris[edit]

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Blue Team's Guardian would eventually arrive on Genesis, a Forerunner Builder planet in the Nomos system, where they would discover other Guardians, meet the Warden Eternal, and learn of Cortana's survival and her plan for the enforcement of the Mantle on the galaxy.

In parallel, Fireteam Osiris would retreat back to Infinity. Roland analyzed data acquired from Meridian's Guardian, and Captain Lasky and Dr Halsey devised a plan to use another Guardian, on Sanghelios, to join up with Blue Team. They would thus meet up with the Arbiter and the Swords of Sanghelios.

Activities on Meridian[edit]

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After the Guardian was taken to Genesis, all the Promethean forces disappeared along with it. On October 28, four survivors of the Guardian's departure from Meridian constructed a transmitter in an attempt to get off Meridian. They intercepted Cortana's speech to the Galaxy from the day before, only wanting to leave the planet, the survivors sent a message back and asked for help. Soon after they got a response that everything would be dealt with in time.[4] Despite the loss of the orbital elevator and of its local headquarters, Liang-Dortmung still received important demand for Meridian's vitrified resources. They relocated their efforts to Darkstar Station, a remote polar outpost. Its workers and engineers had remained mostly unaware of the catastrophe that had happened on the other surface of the planet-moon. The company sent additional ships and personnel to accelerate resource gathering as long as possible, profiting from a tacit permission from the UNSC, and the lack of risky Created activity in the system. Still, the UNSC would prepare a return to Meridian in order to investigate ancient machinery dormant under the surface.[2]


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