Battle of Suban

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Battle over Installation 07


Battle for Zeta Halo

Battle of Suban
Skybox of Halo Infinite multiplayer map Prism.


Sangheili-Jiralhanae war


Early 2560[1]


Suban, Sanghelios, Urs system



  • Several Blockade runners[3]
  • Several Light cruisers[3]
  • Several Phantoms[3]
  • At least one Sangheili operative[1]
  • Glyyss

In 2560, a battle erupted around the crystal mines on the moon of Suban between the Swords of Sanghelios and the Banished with fleets from both factions engaged in the moon's sky.[5][6] The Banished sought to raid the Subanese crystal mines on the moon in order to use them for needle-based weaponry.[7]


Pre-production concept art of a Guardian Custode on Sanghelios, made canon on page 195 of the Halo Encyclopedia (2022 edition).
A Guardian Custode over Sanghelios.

Created uprising and Sanghelios[edit]

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In October 2558, the Created would send a Guardian Custode to Sanghelios as part of their attempt at subjugating the world.[8] They would eventually and for a time occupy it, placing the world under an appointed administrator.[9] In contrast, Suban was a low priority for the Created and suffered minimal damage.[10]

On December 13, 2559, Cortana died at the Battle for Zeta Halo, resulting in the deactivation of the Guardians. Despite this, the Created occupation of Sanghelios lasted until early 2560, when, suddenly, and unexpectedly, the Created forces relinquished their grip on the Urs system. This unanticipated turn of fortune quickly spiraled into a race to fill the power vacuum left on Sanghelios.[1] For Suban, this meant debilitated local security, though the Swords of Sanghelios pledged to support Suban's keeps in protecting their mining sites.


While many of the keeps and kaidons on Sanghelios remained steadfast in their support of the Arbiter and his attempts to unify the Sangheili, others sought alternative divisions of power.[1] Tensions in the system served for others as an invitation for any well-organized force, an invitation that the Banished sought to exploit.[1] Banished Sangheili in the Urs system allowed the faction to access the moon of Suban.[1] Eventually, a Banished fleet attacked Suban, seeking to claim its blamite crystal mines.[1] The Alchemist Corps of Sicatt Workshop aboard the Ghost of Barolon would begin to study the crystals themselves.[7]


Fleet preparations and ground skirmishes[edit]

"We need not be foes. Step aside, give us Suban, and your forces shall be spared. Better yet, pledge your allegiance to the Banished, and the only ones that need perish are the demons that desecrate the ground of Suban."
Orna 'Fulsamee attempting to negotiate with Mahkee 'Chava.[1]

In early 2560, the Sanghelios home defense fleet positioned themselves at Suban and began scanning Banished fleet elements including the Ghost of Barolon. Simultaneously, Swords of Sanghelios Banshees were deployed to the Mines of Shua'ree to destroy Barukaza Workshop siege-haulers carrying raw Kemuksuru in order to cause a distraction, while Fahl 'Nto, a Kig-Yar Sniper, and two Spartans set up positions in the area. As expected, the resulting explosions of the Blamite crystals in the siege haulers confused the occupying forces within the mines, giving Dahks and Spartan Trell an opening to begin picking them off. Swords of Sanghelios reinforcements quickly arrived aboard a Phantom along with the rest of Fireteam Jorogumo, all led by Orim 'Kasaan, and joined the recon team in sweeping through the mines while slaughtering the Banished forces stationed there. However, Chieftain Ipso arrived in the middle of the battle and managed to take down 'Nto, leading Spartan Glyyss to jump in front of the Hammer strike meant for the Elite, sacrificing himself in the process. After Ipso was chased away by Phantom fire, the other Spartans managed to grab Glyyss' body. In the wake of their missions deterioration, the remaining Spartans and the rest of the Swords forces retreated aboard 'Kasaan's Phantom, with N'to vowing to return.[1]

Total battle[edit]

The two fleets would eventually come to blows. In the midst of this, the Banished siege-haulers continued to ship materiel from their mining operation.[3]


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