Orim 'Kasaan

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Orim 'Kasaan
A render of Orim 'Kasaan in his Swords of Sanghelios attire.
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Aumra (estranged) [1]

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Special Operations Officer[2]


Orim 'Kasaan is a veteran Sangheili Special Operations Officer serving within the Swords of Sanghelios.[2]


Early Life[edit]

Orim ‘Kasaan was born on the Sangheili colony world of Glyke. At some point in his life, he married a female called Aumra. Like all Sangheili males, he would enlist himself into the ranks of the Covenant military. Eventually, he became a Special Operations Officer in the Special Warfare Group.[1]

In 2553, Glyke was destroyed in a NOVA bomb detonation initiated by Gray Team. The greatest devastation he felt was not from the violent destruction of his homeworld, but in the gradual unraveling of his marriage in the unsettled years that followed.[1]

Swords of Sanghelios[edit]

In the wake of the Great Schism, Orim had pledged his sword in service to Thel 'Vadam and the Swords of Sanghelios, eager to see through the Arbiter’s vision for wider unification and collaboration among the Sangheili. But the destruction of Glyke quickly put that allegiance to the test, for Aumra developed a deep resentment towards humanity for their role in the planet’s ruin. This led to an estrangement between the two.[1]

By early 2560, the Special Operations Sangheili had been assigned a leadership role within a joint Swords of Sanghelios-UNSC team under the command of Fleetmaster Arkad Nar 'Kulul, one of the leaders of the Sanghelios home defense fleet. During the Banished assault on Suban, Orim 'Kasaan and Fahl 'Nto were given command of a Swords taskforce with the goal of reclaiming the Mines of Shua'ree from the invaders. Prior to the operation, 'Kasaan operated a Phantom and hid in lower depths of the quarry until the opportunity presents itself, while 'Nto led an advance scout team consisting of Spartans Glyyss and Trell of Fireteam Jorogumo and the Kig-Yar named Dahks. After scouting out the mine's entrance from a distance, 'Nto ordered Dahks to hold position and provide overwatch before telling Glyyss to notify Jaarov and Zhinn—the other two Spartans participating in the mission—that they would be ready shortly and that 'Kasaan could approach with his dropship.[2]

As 'Nto and Glyyss approached the mouth of the mine, Trell had taken up a second vantage point to snipe from. Once they reached the opening, Dahks marked two nearby Banished warriors to be taken out first. 'Nto executed one while Glyyss killed the other. With the patrol eliminated, 'Nto contacted Scorrin's Blade—the Hekar Taa-pattern blockade runner acting as support—to confirm that the Banshees were on approach. Shortly thereafter, the Banshees arrived to dump plasma and fuel rods into the Banished's Barukaza Workshop siege-haulers being loaded with raw kemuksuru. The resulting explosions sent a wave of confusion through the occupying forces within the mines. Then, Dahks and Trell opened up with their sniper rifles as 'Kasaan arrived with the Phantom at the mouth of the mine, releasing at least a dozen Sangheili warriors and two Spartans—Jaarov and Zhinn—into the chaos.[2]

As the Swords of Sanghelios forces swept through mines and slaughtered the mostly Sangheili Banished infantry, Chieftain Ipso appeared alongside two Jiralhanae Captains. Orim attempted to warn 'Nto about the Chieftain before they clashed. As Ipso killed Glyyss, plasma fire came from Orim's Phantom, forcing Ipso to retreat, giving Jaarov and Zhinn the chance to recover the body of their fallen comrade. Orim 'Kasaan rushed over to Fahl 'Nto and urged him to get up so that they could leave. As the Swords of Sanghelios retreated, Koal 'Mal demanded that they not give up the attack, saying that all the blood they spilled would be for naught. 'Nto, however, pointed out that kemuksuru would not be the deciding factor in this battle and that they would return to reclaim the Mines of Shua'ree when the time was right.[2]

Personality and traits[edit]

Orim ‘Kasaan is a careful and deliberate meditation and council with his allies. He has shown to be a staunch supporter of Thel 'Vadam's vision of a unified Sangheili people. He has also been shown to be quick in forgiving humanity following the destruction of Glyke, a decision that has placed him greatly at odds with his life-mate Aumra.[1]

Their estrangement affects Orim deeply, so much so that he actively strives to not let it consume him, reminding himself each day that he must sacrifice his own desires to secure a better future for the Sangheili.[1]


Orim 'Kasaan wears an infiltration harness, clad primarily in silver, with orange and gold as secondary, representing his allegiance to the Swords of Sanghelios. He wields a Meluth'qelos-pattern energy sword.[2][1]


Orim 'Kasaan's relation to Rojka 'Kasaan is unknown, though they are presumably of the same clan. However, there are multiple typos in his surname throughout the text of Halo: Battle for the Blood-Moon.[2]


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