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Koal 'Mal
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Swords of Sanghelios[1]


Koal 'Mal is a Sangheili warrior serving within the Swords of Sanghelios.[1]


Clan infighting[edit]

Koal 'Mal's clan is one which has been torn asunder by betrayal and civil strife, resulting in their keep being in a constant state of upheaval and wavering allegiance. This fact filled 'Mal with rage, owning to the great pleasure he takes in ending the lives of any traitorous Sangheili.[1]

Swords of Sanghelios[edit]

Sometime after the Great Schism and the end of the Human-Covenant War, Koal 'Mal joined Arbiter Thel 'Vadam's revived Swords of Sanghelios. By early 2560, 'Mal was assigned to a joint Swords of Sanghelios-UNSC taskforce led by the Evocati Fahl 'Nto and the Special Operations Officer Orim 'Kasaan, under the purview of Fleetmaster Arkad Nar 'Kulul of the Sanghelios home defense fleet. During the Banished assault on Suban, the taskforce ordered to reclaim the Mines of Shua'ree from the invaders. While 'Nto led an advance scout team consisting of two Spartans Glyyss of Fireteam Jorogumo and a Kig-Yar named Dahks, 'Mal and other Swords operatives joined two more Spartans aboard 'Kasaan's Phantom. [1]

Once the scout team gave the signal, their Phantom began its approach. After 'Nto and one of the Spartans the Banished patrol at the mouth of the cave and called for Banshee support from Scorrin's Blade, 'Nto told 'Kasaan he was clear for insertion. Orim 'Kasaan brought the Phantom up from the depths of the quarry. Reaching the cave mouth, Koal 'Mal, two Spartans, and at least eleven more Swords Sangheili were deployed into the chaos.[1]

As the Swords of Sanghelios forces swept through mines and slaughtered the invaders, 'Mal experienced somber enjoyment with each Banished Sangheili he plunged his sword into. Over the course of the battle, his armor literally became soaked in Sangheili blood. However, when Chieftain Ipso appeared alongside two Jiralhanae Captains, the battle began to turn in the favor of the Banished. The Chieftain managed to best Fahl 'Nto in combat, knocking him to the ground and preparing to finish him off with his gravity hammer. Just before the blade of his hammer connected, one of the Spartans—Glyyss—jumped in front of the Sangheili, taking the blow for him. The Spartan was killed nearly instantly. Seeing this, those within the Phantom began dumping plasma fire at Ipso, forcing him to retreat and giving two of the Spartans the chance to recover Glyyss's body. As the Swords of Sanghelios retreated, Koal 'Mal demanded that they not give up the attack, saying that all the blood they spilled would be for naught. 'Nto, however, pointed out that kemuksuru would not be the deciding factor in this battle and that they would return to reclaim the Mines of Shua'ree when the time was right.[1]

Physical description[edit]

Koal 'Mal is described as particularly hulking for a Sangheili, with a hunched posture and broader physique than average.[1]


Koal 'Mal notably wields an energy sword in combat with great deftness, despite his hulking form.[1]


Koal 'Mal's relation to Ordo 'Mal of the Banished is unknown, though they are presumably of the same clan. This aligns with the fact that Koal 'Mal's clan is wrought with in-fighting, leading to his extreme hatred of traitors, particularly those who align themselves with the Banished.[1]

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