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"Phantom" is the name applied to a series of Covenant and Sangheili aerospace craft most of them dropships.


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Banished Phantom[edit]

Main article: Banished Phantom

A modified variant of the Phantom dropship employed by the Banished, sporting Banished armour and livery.

Type-44 Phantom[edit]

Main article: Type-44 Phantom

The Type-44 was the most common Phantom variant in service of the Covenant during the Human-Covenant War. It now comprises a sizeable chunk of the fleets of the Covenant remnants, due to scarcities of other variants.

Type-52 Phantom[edit]

Main article: Type-52 Phantom

The Type-52 was introduced towards the end of the war, though stocks are rare in the postwar period due to the loss of High Charity.

Phantom gunboat[edit]

Main article: Phantom gunboat

A larger, exoatmospheric variant of the Phantom designed for operations in space.

Type-57 Phantom[edit]

Main article: Type-57 Phantom

Post-war variant of the Phantom employed by the Swords of Sanghelios and Jul 'Mdama's Covenant by October 2558. Manufactured by Kolaar Manufactorum, Malurok Armory, and Achoem Weapons.