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Eklon'dal Workshop warrior transport
HW2 Banished Spirit.png
Production information


Eklon war-forges[1]

Product line:

Dextro Xur-pattern Spirit[2]


Eklon'dal Workshop[1]

Technical specifications


28.2 meters (92.6 ft)[1]


16 meters (52.7 ft)[1]


9.2 meters (30.1 ft)[1]


79.2 metric tons (77.9 LT; 87.3 ST)[1]

Other system(s):

Energy shielding (Gunship configuration)[3]


1 heavy plasma cannon[1]


1 pilot[1]



In service:






The Eklon'dal Workshop Warrior Transport[1] is a modified Spirit employed by the Banished.[2]


Banished Eklon'dal Workshop Spirits were manufactured by Eklon war-forges and developed by the Eklon'dal Workshop, hailing from the crimson forests of Qabik on Teash, the war-arcitects responsible for the Banished's Spirit acknowledged the need to provide a direct surrogate of the Covenant's traditional dropship, mimicking its operational design very closely.[1] The distinctive 'tuning-fork' shape of the Spirit comes from the twin carrier bays that extend out from the pilot's compartment at the rear of the ship. The Banished have reengineered the Spirit's contragravity system so that its chassis can take the strain of transporting prefabricated buildings to forward command centers.[2]


Spirit gunship[edit]

The gunship configuration of the Eklon'dal Workshop Spirit is a powerful ship-killing spacecraft as extraordinary results yielded by the efforts to augment the existing Spirit by Eklon war-forges at Atriox's behest, explicitly designed to break the back of enemy vessels by breaching and infiltrating their hulls to employ a horde directly inside, usually delivering a highly lethal package.[3] The Spirit gunships are up-armored and feature energy shielding, and they rely on an array of overclocked plasma cannons to ward off fighters as they make their approaches.[3] Once within range, spike harpoons blitz its quarry, piercing the foe battleplate and quickly drawing the Spirit gunship in close for the kill: a modified antimatter charge that can turn a warship into a debris field, brought by the Banished detachment within the battleplate.[3]

Despite the vehicle's production for years, the Spirit gunship has never been witnessed in combat—whether this was due to constraints on manufacturing or concern over its design falling into enemy hands is unknown.[3]

Service history[edit]

These Spirits saw heavy use by the Banished during their campaign on the Ark against the forces of the UNSC Spirit of Fire in 2559.[4]


Halo Wars 2[edit]

Like their counterparts in Halo Wars, Spirits are used to transport infantry and vehicles around the map. However, they now use their onboard plasma turrets to fire at enemies, and can also be called in during multiplayer matches. Spirits are also used to drop off socket base buildings, similarly to the D77-TC Pelican employed by their UNSC counterparts.[4]


  • Spirits assigned to deploy buildings are able to be cloaked by a Shroud or any cloaking utilizes, however, Spirits assigned to deploy units aren't cloakable.


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