Keljiric-pattern Tarasque

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Keljiric-pattern Heavy Strike Fighter
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Production information


Achoem Weapons[1]


Heavy fighter[2]



Technical specifications


42.0 meters (137.8 ft)[1]


25.4 meters (83.3 ft)[1]


12.3 meters (40.4 ft)[1]


94.5 metric tons (93.0 LT; 104.2 ST)[1]


Impulse drive



10 passengers[1]


Chronological and affiliation




The Keljiric-pattern Heavy Strike Fighter, more commonly known as the Tarasque, is an older Covenant Sangheili-manned space fighter.[2] It may be used as a bomber, strikecraft, or dropship.[3][5]


Design details[edit]

The Tarasque has historically been considered one of the Covenant's premiere fighters, and a heavier alternative to the ubiquitous Seraphs. The Keljiric design pattern as such, is considered the standard by which most Covenant strikecraft control systems are measured. The craft itself has spawned a number of cousins and successor models, including the infamous Phantom line of armed dropships. This lineage can be most evidently seen in the Tarasque's overall profile, with the central airframe bearing a great resemblance to the Phantom's, and even allowing for the fighter to carry a complement of ten passengers.[1]


The Tarasque is outfitted as a heavy fighter,[1] though may also be used in a limited bombing capacity against full warships.[3] To serve the bombing functions, the fighter is equipped with two plasma torpedo launchers and six plasma bomb ports, alongside two heavy plasma cannons for general use.[1]

Operational history[edit]

The Tarasque served in the Covenant military as one of its many varied strikecraft options for a large period of the empire's history, and was used against both the internal and external foes of the empire - particularly notable for its use as an envoy in High Charity's conversion and compliance fleets.[5][6]

Following the Covenant's end, the Tarasque became less ubiquitous, but the success of its design pattern cast a long shadow over its successors and cousins. Many Sangheili flight harnesses are produced with the interface jacks and cyberlink translators necessary to synchronize with these craft.[2][5][1] By January of 2553, the Servants of Abiding Truth had acquired two Tarasque fighters.[4][5]

Halo: Fleet Battles[edit]

Covenant Tarasque Bomber Flight[edit]

  • Flight slots: 1
  • Movement: 14"
  • Damage track: 2
  • Systems loadout: None
  • Weapons: vs. wing targets
    • Range: Contact
    • Dice: 1
  • Weapons: vs. element targets
    • Range: Contact
    • Dice: 2


The Tarasque is a monster of French legend.


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