Barukaza Workshop siege-hauler

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Barukaza Workshop siege-hauler
A render of the siege-hauler.
Production information


Armory of Barukaza[1]

Technical specifications


54.5 meters (178.8 ft)[1]


55.0 meters (180.6 ft)[1]


19.2 meters (62.9 ft)[1]


2,703.4 metric tons (2,660.7 LT; 2,980.0 ST)[1][Note 1]

Other system(s):



1 pilot[1]


In service:

Post-Covenant War conflicts


Heavy-lift dropship


The Banished


The Barukaza Workshop siege-hauler is a type of heavy-lift transport craft employed by the Banished.[2]


Design details[edit]

The siege-hauler is a large aircraft employed by the Banished. The craft sports a layout broadly similar to the Dovotaa Workshop Griever and Mokol'ta-pattern Spirit, employing three primary parallel hulls. The two outermost hulls are each equipped with two rotating thrusters, while the spaces linking the outermost and inner hulls are lined with lifting equipment. The siege-hauler appears not to be fitted with any sort of armaments, though is coated in a thick layer of armour plating. Siege-haulers are manufactured by the Armory of Barukaza.[1]


Siege-haulers are among the standard complement of most Banished spacecraft, allowing them to safely transport equipment and loot across a besieged world. The siege-hauler is typically unarmed, though heavily armoured, and thus able to survive on the front lines though generally not suited for direct combat. As such, they are often deployed with an escort of Banshees. Despite this, some warlords and chieftains modify their siege-haulers to include additional equipment including weaponry, stealth systems, additional gravitic controllers and emblazoning the hulls of their craft with clan sigils and totems.[1]

Operational history[edit]

Banished logistics[edit]

Siege-haulers are used by the Banished as heavy-lift logistics craft. During the Battle of Suban in 2560, they were utilized in the Banished mining operations on Suban, ferrying shipments of Subanese crystal from the ground to maintain the organisation's stocks of ammunition for their Needle-based weaponry.[3][4]

Installation 07 conflict[edit]

Main article: Installation 07 conflict

Throughout the course of the war on Installation 07, numerous such craft were employed by the Banished during the xenoarchaeology digs across the ringworld. One such craft was stationed at the Banished outpost at Annex Ridge, where it was ultimately stolen by Spartans Jaide and Rosado. The craft was fitted with an autopilot system which prevented the Spartans from commandeering it fully, though the Spartans remained resolute to find out where the autopilot system was taking them and its cargo of three Forerunner artifacts.[2] The vehicle was later reported as lost by Zeretus.[5] In May 2560, John-117 encountered and destroyed another siege-hauler at Annex Ridge by detonating the fuel tanks around it.[6]


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  1. ^ The Halo Encyclopedia (2022 edition) lists the siege-hauler's mass as 2,980 tons (2,703.4 tonnes). This is likely an error, as this number would mean the craft masses over 2 million kilograms.


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