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The Ren is a specialized utility shuttle of San'Shyuum origin that was used by the Covenant.[3][2]


Design details[edit]

The Ren shuttle is small and boxy in shape and has two small viewports on the front.[4] The Ren is capable of quick, short-range travel due to its four impulse drives and is nearly as fast and maneuverable as the Seraph.[3][2] Two of these impulse drives are mounted on "wings", much like a Banshee as well as two more at the rear.[4] Although most Rens are not armed, they boast compact slipspace drives which make them valuable vehicles for traders and smugglers.[3][2]


During the era of the Covenant, Rens often had the role of serving as small utility shuttles. They were sometimes used for transporting ministers and other nobles within the Covenant ecclesiarchy, though its slipspace drive and high manoeuvrability later lent it well to serving as an escape craft and transport for traders and smugglers.[2]

Operational History[edit]

In 2544, Master Chief John-117 used one while escaping Luro 'Taralumee's assault carrier with Dr. Halsey in Operation: WARM BLANKET.[4]

When a civil war between the Sangheili broke out over Carrow in September 2558, several diplomats of the Unified Earth Government's Diplomatic Corps evacuated the cruiser Unwavering Discipline in a Ren.[1]

Production notes[edit]

In Ancient Egyptian mythology, a person's ren, or name, was a part of their soul that would live on as long as it was spoken.


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