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This article is about the boarding craft introduced in Halo 2. For the model featured in Halo: Combat Evolved, see Brhi Xur-pattern Leech.
R'sisho-pattern Ship Breacher
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Production information


Assembly Forges[1][2]


Boarding craft[1][2]

Technical specifications


62.2 metres (204 ft)[1][2]


35.4 metres (116 ft)[1][2]


28.1 metres (92.2 ft)[1][2]


214.3 tons (194.4 tonnes)[2]


Impulse drives[1]


75 passengers[2]


1 pilot[2]

Chronological and affiliation


Human-Covenant War


Independent Sangheili factions


The R'sisho-pattern Ship Breacher[2] (UNSC Type classification: Type-28 Intrusion Vehicle, T-28 IV)[3] or simply the Tick, is a Covenant ship specifically designed for boarding an enemy vessel.[4]


The Covenant, although their ships are fully capable of reducing most UNSC vessels to heaps of molten slag in a matter of minutes, have also shown a desire to board and hopefully capture a human vessel, in hopes of capturing valuable information from their computers. Thus far, they have done so by using boarding craft. This has only been done rarely, such as at 23 Librae. Infantry are deployed into the heart of a vessel for purposes the UNSC can only speculate. Suggestions and evidence collated so far for motivations have been:

  • To collect information/specifications of UNSC military equipment, vehicles, weapons, etc.
  • To capture key members of the vessel's crew and thus unlock classified UNSC intelligence including the location of Earth.
  • To destroy or capture a shipboard AI.
  • To destroy the vessel from within (such as the Athens and Malta Orbital Defense Platforms during the Battle of Earth).


The boarding craft is a reusable vessel and is able to leave the UNSC ship and return to a nearby cruiser should the need to retreat occur. When the craft boards via windows it seems to use the outer edge of the boarding tube to superheat the glass, thus the glass does not shatter.[4]

Types of boarding craft[edit]

Boarding craft were also responsible for the destruction of the ODPs Athens and Malta stations. Unlike in Halo: Combat Evolved, these boarding crafts could be clearly seen through the station's windows. The craft used a long boarding tube to penetrate the windows of the station. The entrance/exit to the boarding tube was covered with an impenetrable energy shield that only allowed their considerable complement of Covenant soldiers out. The boarding tube seemed to function on a similar basis to the gravity conveyors found in the Covenant holy city High Charity. The tube, once deployed, had a superheated rim to melt glass instead of shattering it, therefore cooling down that so air cannot escape.[4]

Halo: Fleet Battles[edit]

Covenant Type-28 Boarding Craft[edit]

  • Flight slots: 0
  • Movement: 12"
  • Damage track: 4
  • Security detail: 2
  • Systems loadout: Heroic save (Trooper)


In Halo 2, players cannot enter the boarding craft even when the shields for the entrance are turned off.


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