Mudoat starsloop

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Mudoat starsloop
Production information


Mudoat Path Works[1]





Technical specifications


60 meters (200 ft)[1]

Slipspace drive:



1 dorsal plasma turret[1]



Chronological and affiliation


Keepers of the One Freedom[2]

Veta Lopis: "You have a... I don't even know what this is."
Chur'R-Sarch: "It is a Mudoat starsloop, made by the best shipyard in Urs system."
— Veta Lopis' first up-close time aboard a nonhuman space vessel.[1]

A Mudoat starsloop is a small Sangheili slipspace-capable transport vessel.[1][3] Starsloops are manufactured by a highly-reputable shipyard in the Urs-Fied-Joori system but have been obtained and used by non-Sangheili, such as Kig-Yar and humans.[1][3]


Superstructure and hull[edit]

The hull of a Mudoat starsloop is shaped like a drop.[1] Its exterior finish is a fractal-camouflage pattern of indigo and black, with a random speckling of off-white pinpoints. Beneath the belly of the starsloop lies its servomotor-powered forward-facing boarding ramp, the front edge of which, when extended, will lie just aft of the vessel's chin.[4] The stern of the starsloop forms a nose strut.[5] A solitary dorsal plasma turret is situated near the stern that must be personally operated by an individual.[1][2] Artificial gravity systems provide an inherent inertial cushion to those aboard.[2] Ventilation is facilitated with assistance from fan housings.[3] When docked, Mudoat starsloops rest on six thick struts.[1]


Immediately after boarding a Mudoat starsloop, one will find oneself within a disc-shaped cargo hold lined with recessed D rings. Along the starboard wall in the cargo bay, there are parking bays for smaller vehicles. The bay is full of curving lines and flowing architecture. Despite an abundance of ambient light, it may feel gloomy and confined within.[1] Cabins used for sleeping can accommodate upper and lower sleeping baskets.[2] These cornered rooms can feel cramped. Sleeping compartments run along a stern-to-aft corridor which ends at a safety bulkhead leading to the galley. The galley of a Mudoat starsloop is filled with tables for eating at and can be stocked with a drink dispenser. Multiple entrances lead to and from the galley, including one at the top of an access ramp that ends with a hatchway to the flight deck at the stern of the ship.[2] The flight deck contains a dropped-nose cockpit with two crash harnessed seats for a pilot and copilot. The cockpit's control console projects holographic status and sensor displays. The ship's acceleration and direction is controlled from here with a Y-shaped control yoke.[2] An airlock is situated to one side of the vessel, which empties into a reception vestibule that branches into three corridors, one of which leads directly to the flight deck. Despite being designed for Sangheili, the vestibule can quickly be filled to capacity by just four Jiralhanae, whom also would have to squeeze through the airlock hatchway to enter or leave that way.[3]

Operational history[edit]

The Stolen Faith was a Mudoat starsloop commanded by Chur'R-Sarch of the Rach clan and crewed by thirteen other Kig-Yar affiliated with the Keepers of the One Freedom. Chur'R-Sarch and the crew were killed in December of 2553 by Veta Lopis and her Ferret team.

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