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"It is ours. Why else am I called Chur'R?"
— Chur'R-Sarch Rach, referring to her ship[1]

Chur'R is a Kig-Yar title that indicates the commander of a ship, roughly the equivalent of captain or shipmaster.[1] Often used alongside the title of shipmaster or shipmistress,[2] Kig-Yar captains may have their names prefixed with the Chur'R title,[1] such as Chur'R-Yar. The title has only been observed among female shipmistresses.[2]

Sarch Rach, Mut, Zhal, and Yar were all Kig-Yar shipmistresses that held the Chur'R title.[1][2][3][4] However, not all Kig-Yar captains utilized the Chur'R prefix.[5]

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