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Chur'R-Zhal is a Kig-Yar pirate and shipmistress of Rampant Perdition.[1]


Formerly a soldier serving the Covenant military, Chur'R-Zhal took command of Covenant warship Dedication after the Human-Covenant War and renamed it Rampant Perdition. Turning to piracy, Chur'R-Zhal began preying on ships at the remote planet of Binterall. However, the ship's slipspace drive failed, leaving Rampant Perdition and its crew trapped in the system. Over time, the warship fell into disrepair.[1]

In late 2558, Rampant Perdition captured a human prison ship manned by Commander Maya Sankar, Mshak Moradi, Bostwick, and smart AI Black-Box. The ship's crew were brought aboard Rampant Perdition and, after Sankar insisted that they were important, were brought to meet Chur'R-Zhal. Sankar continued to claim that they were more value to her alive rather than dead, so Chur'R-Zhal had the humans locked away inside one of the ship's brigs while she personally inspected their prison ship to see if Sankar was telling the truth. Nearly an hour later, the humans escaped their cell and fled to the hangar bay where their prison ship was located. Before they could escape, Chur'R-Zhal and several members of her crew confronted them at the ship. Unable to find anything that proved their importance and furious that they had escaped, Chur'R-Zhal was discussing how to punish the humans with her crew when Sankar realized that Rampant Perdition's slipspace drive was damaged. Sankar offered to repair the drive if Chur'R-Zhal allowed the humans to leave the warship with their own prison ship; Chur'R-Zhal agreed.[1]

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