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Bostwick is a human insurrectionist who was one of the followers of the supposed demagogue "FERO".[1]


Early life[edit]

Bostwick was among the many citizens of the human colonies who had grown disgruntled with their treatment under the United Nations Space Command. When she was seventeen, her parents were killed during an incident on the colony Dekum, when drunken UNSC troopers, from the military base nearby the family's convenience stand, threw stolen Anskum-pattern plasma grenades for amusement. Orphaned with only a letter of apology as payment, Bostwick assembled a small gang of teens also orphaned by the UNSC, who engaged in petty theft until their encounter with FERO. An undercover operative for the Office of Naval Intelligence, Commander Maya Sankar posed as the charismatic rebel leader FERO and took Bostwick under her wing, slowly teaching her and orienting her future goals from terrorism to social change.[1]

New Colonial Alliance[edit]

Main article: Skirmish on Conrad's Point

On October 2558, Bostwick was among the hundred civilians assembled at one of FERO's speeches. When the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers guarding the site took some hostile remarks by some of Sankar's audience to be a threat, they fired on the crowd and "kidnapped" Sankar in an attempt to protect her. Though many were killed, Bostwick managed to escape and fled to the New Colonial Alliance. A small newcomer to the group, Bostwick served as merely a guard for their scientific investigations of the crater at Conrad's Point.[1]

On October 25, 2558, Bostwick unexpectedly reunited with Sankar, who'd been sent by ONI to investigate the seismic disturbances at Conrad's Point. Bostwick was yet unaware of "FERO"'s true identity, and vouched for her when the leader of the local NCA forces, the insane ex-SPARTAN-IV Ilsa Zane, held FERO under gunpoint out of suspicion that she was a spy. Bostwick responded by drawing a knife to Zane's throat, but the much stronger and faster supersoldier knocked her away with a single blow, taunting Bostwick for not killing her immediately. It was then that Sankar revealed her identity, by declaring that ONI was about to airstrike their location in an attempt to kill Zane. In the confusion following the blast, Sankar managed to rescue Bostwick and take her off-planet aboard her personal ship, though her former disciple's trust in her had been broken.[1]


Seeking to keep Bostwick safe, Sankar took her to her personal hideout on Binterall where she had also been hiding Mshak Moradi. Along the way Bostwick confronted her about having lied to her and numerous other rebels, Sankar responding that she was hoping to lead the Insurrection in a more peaceful direction. They arrived at her safehouse where Sankar gave Bostwick medical treatment, but their stay was short-lived as ONI had tracked their escape and were en route to kill them. As Bostwick left with Sankar and Moradi aboard the ship again, they were ambushed and captured by Rampant Perdition, a Jackal pirate ship.[2][3]

Sankar managed to convince the Jackals to spare them, but only briefly, as the pirates demanded an unpayable ransom. While Sankar became disillusioned that they could escape, Bostwick attempted to re-motivate her by reminding her of the inspiring claims she'd made as FERO. As she did so, though, the pirates returned and took her to be dissected alive by the crew, urgently convincing Sankar to look for an escape. With the aid of Black-Box, Bostwick was rescued by Maya, and the ONI agent managed to convince Perdition's shipmistress to free them should she repair their ship's slipspace engine.[3]

The Guardian at Laika III[edit]

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Having fulfilled their debt, the prisoners were let go and Bostwick went with Maya, Mshak, and Black-Box to search for Dasc Gevadim, a human religious leader who appeared to have inside knowledge about what had happened at Conrad's Point. As they approached Gevadim's whereabouts at Laika III, their ship was attacked by Ilsa Zane, still hunting them from their first escape. Their ship crash-landed, and most of the party was recovered by Gevadim and his Triad followers. Bostwick, however, was not found them, and she fled to the city to find a means to rescue her friends. She later returned with a vehicle and picked them all up while the Triads were distracted by something larger: the awakening Guardian Custodes.[4]

The Guardian set off an earthquake in the city of New Hedmark that threatened to leave nearly all in the city dead. While Mshak escaped, Sankar and Bostwick went to a communications building in hopes of getting the truth out to the galaxy. Sankar recorded a message as FERO, narrating the Guardian's destruction, but her radio was broken by Bostwick when Sankar attempted to say who she really was. Having thought long about Sankar's claims about what FERO was for, Bostwick decided that the "rebel leader" needed to die to be a martyr that would inspire the Insurrection. She then killed Maya and fled the planet, becoming an Insurrectionist speaker in her own right, proclaiming for others to fight the UNSC to honor FERO's memory.[5]

Personality and traits[edit]

Bostwick was only five feet tall and under a hundred pounds, and had a low alcohol tolerance. She idolized the Insurrectionist leader FERO, who was a surrogate parent of sorts to her after Bostwick was orphaned. Though good-natured and idealistic, Sankar considered Bostwick to be naive and having a dangerous streak of zeal that could lead to violence.

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