New Hedmark

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Bostwick kills Maya Sankar on Laika III.
Bostwick kills Maya Sankar in New Hedmark.

New Hedmark is a city with an estimated population of 100,000 people, located on the human colony world of Laika III. In 2558, during a fight between the New Colonial Alliance and the United Nations Space Command, a Forerunner Guardian construct was activated by Cortana.[1] The Guardian's awakening caused mass destruction throughout the city, killing the vast majority of its population and the troops fighting there.[2]

In the midst of the fighting and the Guardian awakening, Maya Sankar attempted to make a broadcast to the galaxy about the Guardians' threat, though was killed by Bostwick in the midst of her broadcast to prevent her identity from being revealed.[1]

After the Guardian's departure, the Banished arrived in the city's ruins to investigate the site and claim the Forerunner technologies buried under the city for themselves. While excavating the site, they were able to recover just seventeen survivors of the attack, including Ilsa Zane, Dasc Gevadim, a handful of civilians and UNSC/NCA troops.[2]


Hedmark is the name of a county in Norway.

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