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Dasc Gevadim
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Founder of Triad


"Unification through disentanglement. A glorious unbecoming. Freedom from the quivering vessels of self we've clung to for so long. Do not fear these events. Do not fear their power. For as the world's shake, we are inevitably arriving at the precipice of existence. The edge of a metaverse that is awakening for us. As we who have only known the night are about to bear witness to the first dawn. That is the advent of the third life and I find myself humbly bestowed with a genetic imperative to release your fear. To help you step lively from the edge into ascendance. The spiritual genocide that awaits those who do not open their eyes, the abyss beneath them, I cannot bear. This is only the beginning."
— Dasc Gevadim to his followers, during 2558 about the awakening of the Guardians.[1]

Dasc Gevadim was a false human spiritual guru, and founder of Triad, a belief system that taught that every human had three lives, and that spiritual transcendence occurred only when you could link all three.


Emergence of the Triad[edit]

Gevadim was popular throughout the UNSC's remaining colonies, running seminars through public channels, but disappeared in 2542. His followers believed that he had managed to attain the ascension he proclaimed was possible, and his followers increased exponentially, inspired by the "ascension." In truth, Gevadim had exiled himself to Beta Gabriel, a barely inhabited and overlooked world in the Epsilon Eridani system, to fool his followers and increase their numbers and devotion. During the invasion of the system ten years later, Gevadim was one of many human occupants rounded up by a Jiralhanae pack, intending to use them as prey in their hunts for sport. Connor Brien managed to stage an escape during an internal dispute within the pack, and though he and Gevadim were the only survivors, Gevadim subsequently shot Brien so that neither could leave the planet, and his followers would not know that he still lived, retaining their faith. Gevadim was present as the exfiltration craft touched down, deploying Marines to wipe out the Jiralhanae survivors, but he made no attempt to contact them, remaining on Beta Gabriel, feeling completely forlorn.[2]

Guardian on Laika III[edit]

In 2558, while Gevadim was still seen as transcended, his followers still believed in the Triad and preached his words, and were public with their opinions on social media sites.[3] In late 2558, Gevadim resurfaced in Waypoint, claiming that he had "willed himself" back to the physical realm in order to "illuminate" his followers about the spiritual ascendance the recent appearance of the Guardians on several human colonies would supposedly bring about.[1] Gevadim and his followers were on Laika III waiting for the Guardian to rise when they encountered a crashed ship with Maya Sankar and Mshak Moradi aboard and unconscious. Gevadim had his followers take them to their encampment and kept them separated. Knowing that Sankar was FERO, Gevadim had her taken to be evaluated on what she knew about him. Gevadim explained that he saw her arrival as a sign of the inevitable event that would bring about "transcendence". Sankar unconvinced, threatened to tear their camp apart if she did not see her friends. Gevadim allowed Sankar and Moradi to reunite but not after saying he would aid her "ascending". As the event was about to begin, Gevadim brought all of his followers together to one spot and allowed Sankar and Moradi to witness it. Gevadim and his followers began to levitate due to the Guardian manipulating the gravity as it was rising. Gevadim then proclaimed to his followers that "the end" was upon them all.[4]

Production note[edit]

Gevadim is voiced by Mark Hamill in Hunt the Truth.

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