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Unified Earth Government[2]


"Not a great place to live...but a perfect place to hide."
Maya Sankar[4]

Binterall is a barren planet situated among the Unified Earth Government's Outer Colonies and located within proximity to the human colony Conrad's Point.[4]



The planet is described as a dry, rocky semi-wasteland,[2] known for its dusty atmosphere.[4] One of Binterall's major population centers, the trading community of Port Joy, was settled in a short mesa in the south end of a dry lake bed, consisting of small buildings on the surface of the mesa with a few cut into its rocky sides. South of Port Joy were a series of hills.[2] Water is a limited resource on Binterall.[3]



One of Binterall's early colonists is regarded as a heroine for locating water beneath the mesa that Port Joy would be settled around.[3]


In August 2557, the crew of Ace of Spades arranged a trade with Agent Walter Hahn of the Office of Naval Intelligence in the middle of Port Joy on Binterall, knowing that ONI would be reluctant to apprehend them in a colony filled with those disloyal to the Unified Earth Government. The meeting went south when the party was attacked by bounty hunters pursuing the bounty on the head of Rion Forge, captain of Ace of Spades.[3]

ONI operative Maya Sankar had an old farmhouse in the outskirts on the planet, which served as a personal safe house she would retreat to whenever her cover got too deep. In mid-2558, Maya had confined Mshak Moradi inside her safe house, depriving him of outside communication with a blackout array.[4] After the Human-Covenant War came to an end, Chur'R-Zhal took to piracy around the planet and became stranded in the system after her ship's slipspace drive failed.[5]

Government and society[edit]

Binterall is settled by a sparse human and alien population, serving as a waypoint for traders, pirates, mercenaries, and salvagers. The planet is home to a rough society with limited technology. Ruled by a crude system of government, Binterall is an insignificant, remote Outer Colony of the Unified Earth Government that held virtually no military presence. As a result, the planet was a haven for those eager to avoid the watchful eye of any government or military. None who frequent the colony are sympathizers of the United Nations Space Command or Office of Naval Intelligence.[2]

Port Joy is a major trading settlement on Binterall, a haphazard maze of small buildings offering varied services and goods for traders. Trade often resulted in the settlement holding enough ships to create several fleets.[2]

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