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Walter Hahn
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"I'm Agent Hahn with the Office of Naval Intelligence."
— Agent Hahn

Agent Hahn is a recruiter and agent for the UNSC Navy's Office of Naval Intelligence.


"We can make it so what happened to you doesn't happen to someone else, some other family, some other child..."
— Hahn to Silas Kipley

In May of 2556, Agent Hahn showed up at the front door of Silas Kipley, an engineer in Sedra City, Sedra, who had lost his wife and unborn child in a terrorist attack in February that year. After relentlessly ringing the doorbell, Hahn got Silas to answer. He asked if he might come in, but Silas stated that he had already given a report to the Sedran Colonial Guard and began to shut the door. Hahn reached out an stopped him from doing so, and then did so again when Silas he tried to shut him out again. Hahn asked him if he wanted to prevent what had happened to his family from happening to others and if he wanted to make a difference. At this, Kipley relented and finally agreed to let him come in. He offered Agent Hahn beer and recreational drugs, which were refused. Instead, Hahn suggested that they go get a meal together. At an eatery across the street from Silas' apartment, they discussed the present state of smuggling and salvaging, one where it was relatively easy for dangerous weapons to fall into the wrong hands. Hahn offered Silas a job as an undercover agent aboard one of the foremost salvage vessels so that he could report significant finds it made to ONI for the safety of everyone. By the end of 2556, Silas Kipley had changed his name to Kip Silas and taken a position under Rion Forge, the captain of the Ace of Spades.[2]

In January of 2557, Kip sent a message to Agent Hahn when the modified Mariner-class transport ship was 400,000 kilometers away from Chi Rho, having left the moon, Eiro, in the Ectanus 45 system. The crew had been after a Halcyon-class cruiser left over from the Human-Covenant War, which had been surprisingly bombarded and glassed by an unknown entity while they were still exploring it. In his message, Kip asked if ONI had been behind the attack. Less than a minute after sending the transmission, a reply came from Hahn simply confirming he had received it and giving instructions to update him with further developments. Later, the ship was 32,000 kilometers out from Laconia in the Procyon system when Kip sent Hahn another message informing him of Rion's recovery of a log buoy from the missing UNSC Spirit of Fire.[2]

Personality and traits[edit]

When Agent Hahn presented himself to Silas, he was wearing a crisp suit that made him look more businessman than ONI agent. Hahn has a slight build, a kind face, and a balding head. He is capable of keeping a cool demeanor and at least feigning, if not actually displaying, real compassion through his eyes. Silas noted that Agent Hahn apparently likes to take risks, as he thought it was very bold of the man to bring up his recently-deceased family when attempting to recruit him.[2]

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