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United Nations Space Command



Covert operations


Espionage, investigation, assassination


Veta Lopis

Serin Osman: "Investigators with teeth. You slip into a hole, find the rats, and—"
Mark-G313: "And kill them?"
Serin Osman: "Sometimes. But I was going to say, "fix the problem." Sometimes, that might mean rescuing people instead of killing them."
— Rear Admiral Serin Osman explains the purpose of Ferret teams[1]

Ferrets are covert special operations operatives under the authority of the UNSC Navy's Office of Naval Intelligence. Organized into small teams, Ferrets are tasked with investigating situations or criminal activities that prove threatening to the Unified Earth Government and its United Nations Space Command, as well as resolving those situations by eliminating—or rescuing—certain individuals. One such team includes Spartan-IIIs Ash-G099, Olivia-G291, and Mark-G313 led by ONI operative Veta Lopis, a former special inspector for the Gao Ministry of Protection.[2]

Veta Lopis' Ferret Team[edit]

Team composition[edit]

Operational history[edit]


Following the Human-Covenant War, ONI feared that knowledge of the illegal and dangerous drugs utilized by the Spartan-IIIs of Gamma Company would become public. Taking measures in an effort to prevent such a leak from occurring, Admiral Margaret Parangosky, CINCONI, ordered that Ash-G099, Olivia-G291, and Mark-G313, at the time serving with Blue Team, be officially listed as killed in action and reassigned. Taking note of the proficiency of Special Inspector Veta Lopis and a bond that had formed between her and Ash, Olivia, and Mark during Operation: JOVIAN WHISTLE in July 2553, Rear Admiral Serin Osman formed a Ferret team out of the four, with Lopis leading the team and running the investigations.[2]

In the following months, team underwent a training regimen to mold them into elite ONI operatives. While the Gammas were exceptionally quick to learn the new skills, their military background meant they would often instinctively fall back to lethal force in life-or-death situations. During this time, they visited multiple colonies, rarely staying in one place for long; at one point they were stationed on Jastolo.

Neos Atlantis[edit]

On October 14, 2553, Veta Lopis' Ferret Team participated in a training exercise against Oscar Squad at UNSC Recreational Facility 6055-NA-A on Neos Atlantis. Disguised as junior ODST lieutenants, Mark and Ash posed as rookie ONI agents in the facility's officers' club, while Olivia adopted the cover identity of "Lieutenant Bati", a Luna OCS Academy graduate, as part of a ploy to deceive Oscar Squad. However, an unexpected complication occurred when Olivia was drugged by an unidentified man—in fact the reporter Spencer Hume, who attempted to coax her into revealing classified information about the Spartans. Lopis ordered Mark to arrest the man while Ash created a distraction and Veta escorted Olivia back to the hotel's Halsey Suite, which the team was using as their base of operations. While hauling the subject out of the club, Mark was attacked by a woman who managed to wound him with a knife. By his own account, Mark intended to use Hume as a shield and struck him in the chest when he resisted, which unexpectedly killed Hume. At this point Ash arrived, prompting the attacker to flee.[3] Mark and Ash decided to dispose of Hume's body through an airlock and returned to the Halsey Suite afterward. The team soon discovered Hume's identity as well as that of Mark's assailant—a former ONI operative named Ota Gallo, now working for the private security company Dark Moon Enterprises. Attempting to recover Hume's belongings, now in the Ferret Team's possession, Gallo and two of her henchmen stormed the Halsey Suite soon after. After a brief firefight, the Ferrets managed to defeat the attackers, with Gallo being blown apart by her own grenade. Immediately after the attack, Admiral Osman arrived to the suite with an armed escort. The admiral claimed Hume's personal effects and asked Lopis what had happened. Lopis lied that Gallo killed Hume after the reporter was planning to name her as his source. Obviously incredulous yet seemingly accepting the explanation as being sufficiently believable, Osman sarcastically asked Mark to affirm Lopis' story, which he did without hesitation.[3]

Graselyn Tuwa's assassination[edit]

On December 2553, Fleet Admiral Graselyn Tuwa was killed and her family was abducted. The Office of Naval Intelligence retaliated by sending Veta Lopis' Ferret Team to find her killer and rescue her family.

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