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Spencer Hume
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October 14, 2553[1]

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"A shit-flinger."
Mark-G313 sharing his opinion on Hume.

Spencer Hume was a human investigative journalist active around 2553.[1]


Hume was considerably overweight and somewhat disheveled in appearance. By 2553 he was roughly middle-aged.[1]

In 2553, Hume was reporting exposés on the Office of Naval Intelligence that were being broadcast by the BuzzCast. He showed a considerable bias against Spartans, with one of his stories claiming the supersoldiers were behind a supposed meteor impact on Tanuab III. At some point Hume was contacted by Ota Gallo, a former ONI agent now working for Dark Moon Enterprises. Seeking to undermine ONI for Dark Moon's gain, Gallo fed Hume information on the SPARTAN-III program, particularly Gamma Company. On October 14, Hume managed to gain entry into the officers' club at UNSC Recreational Facility 6055-NA-A on Neos Atlantis, where a Ferret Team led by Veta Lopis was conducting an undercover training exercise.[1]

Hume spotted Olivia-G291, undercover as a Luna OCS Academy graduate, and started talking to her; unaware of Hume's identity, Olivia played along. With Gallo posing as a server, she and Hume gave Olivia a glass of zantelle laced with nicothiotal, drugging Olivia in an effort to get information on the Spartan-IIIs. Unfortunately for Hume, Veta Lopis realized what was going on and ordered Mark-G313 to arrest Hume. Mark used a wrist lock to force Hume out the emergency exit into a hallway. However, Hume was resisting which distracted Mark, making him unable to see Gallo moving to attack him with a knife. Mark instinctively used Hume as a shield to block the knife; when Hume continued to resist Mark punched him in the chest, killing him. Mark and Ash-G099 disposed of Hume's body out an airlock. Veta Lopis later framed Gallo for Hume's murder, claiming Hume was going to name Gallo as his source.[1]

In October 2559, Veta remembered the incident with Hume when Insalaan 'Gadogai asked her what Lopis would do to protect the Ferrets.[2]

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