UNSC Recreational Facility 6055-NA-A

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The UNSC Recreational Facility 6055-NA-A is a United Nations Space Command installation located on Neos Atlantis in the Liberty District. Due to Neos Atlantis' location between the Inner and Outer Colonies, and around one hundred thousand civilian workers employed on the orbital maintenance docks, the UNSC set up segregated recreational facilities for its personnel for security reasons. The facility, which is maintained by a dumb AI, includes an officers' club and hotel overlooking the cryovolcano Theran Crown.[1]


An Office of Naval Intelligence training exercise was secretly carried out in the facility between Veta Lopis' Ferrets and Oscar Squad on October 14, 2553. The Ferret Team used the facility's prestigious Halsey Suite as their safe house, Olivia-G291 having hacked the hotel's booking system and reserved the suite for a fabricated ONI Section Zero captain. During the exercise, the team was targeted by Dark Moon Enterprises agent Ota Gallo, collaborating with investigative reporter Spencer Hume, seeking to undermine ONI by exposing Gamma Company. The Ferret Team ultimately managed to avert a crisis, having eliminated both Hume and Gallo seemingly without information on their discoveries leaking outside the facility.[1]

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