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"I know how to use nicothiotal--which is why I'd never use it in a training exercise."
— Commander Svenson to Veta Lopis, after being accused of poisoning Olivia-G291.

Nicothiotal, abbreviated as NTL, is a toxic central nervous system depressant considered to be a quick-acting form of Babble Juice. When imbibed, its outward effects resemble intoxication. Overdosing on the agent can leave the subject in a state of permanent hallucination whereby their mind becomes unable to separate the present reality from memory or dreams.[1] Nicothiotal is a favorite of the Office of Naval Intelligence and other intelligence services because of its short onset of action and because someone poisoned with it can simply appear to be inebriated.


  • Thiotal is the name of a drug used in veterinary medicine to anesthetize animals. Its active ingredient is sodium thiopental, a short-acting barbiturate. The prefix "nico", implies some sort of nicotinamide is also involved in the compound's structure.

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