Babble Juice

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"I'm gonna crush that fat fart's tiny little... ears."
Olivia-G291 under the influence of Babble Juice.

Babble Juice is a psychoactive drug used by humans. A quick-acting form of Babble Juice, known as nicothiotal, is a favorite of the Office of Naval Intelligence as it is fast-acting and its apparent effects resemble intoxication, but can be dangerous if a person overdoses. During an ONI training exercise at UNSC Recreational Facility 6055-NA-A on October 2553, investigative journalist Spencer Hume gave Olivia-G291 a drink of zantelle laced with Babble Juice in an attempt to get information about the SPARTAN-III program from her. Veta Lopis recognizing that Olivia was "dosed" and was able to take her away while Mark-G313 took care of Hume.[1]

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