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"When we get back to the Mill, remind me to request a flirting course for the entire team."
— Veta Lopis to Mark-G313 and Ash-G099.

The Mill is an Office of Naval Intelligence military reservation.[1]


Instruction at the Mill may include a four-hour overview course on mining operations that is part of ONI hostile-environments training.[2] Training in basic astrophysics is also common.[3]


"Osman needs us back at the Mill yesterday. She wants us to finish training because there's something big coming down the line."
— Veta Lopis to Frederic-104.[4]

Following the creation of the "Ferret" team led by Veta Lopis in July of 2553, she and the three Spartan-IIIs under her had their training centered at the Mill for around six months prior to their first true mission.[2][5] Following a successful completion of the operation, they were recalled there to complete their training.[4]

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