Keepers Eradication Campaign

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Keepers Eradication Campaign


Post-Covenant War conflicts




Orion Arm, Milky Way galaxy


Decisive UNSC victory

  • Presumably light
  • About 15,000 Keepers[1]

The Keepers Eradication Campaign was a massive campaign undertaken by the Office of Naval Intelligence to eradicate the Keepers of the One Freedom. Hugely successful, the campaign decimated the Keepers of the One Freedom and caused the survivors to take refuge with the Banished.


In 2553, the UNSC came into conflict and conflict with the radical Covenant remnant known as the Keepers of the One Freedom during Operation: JOVIAN WHISTLE and Operation: RETRIBUTION. During this time, the special operations unit known as the Ferrets has particularly close contact with the Keepers and their leader, Dokab Castor.[2][3]

The battle[edit]

In 2557, ONI sent the Ferrets undercover to infiltrate the Keepers of the One Freedom. By joining an allied doomsday cult, the Humans of the Joyous Journey, the Ferrets were successfully able to penetrate the Keepers and spent eight months gathering intelligence on the faction and relaying it to ONI.

Eight months after the Ferrets infiltrated the Keepers, ONI put the intelligence that had been gathered to use and began a massive campaign to eradicate the Keepers. The campaign was highly successful, killing about 15,000 Keepers. As a result, the Keepers of the One Freedom were left decimated with less than a hundred members left.[4][1]


Much to everyone's surprise, the campaign had an unexpected effect: Castor sought refuge with the Banished, forming an alliance with the much larger ex-Covenant faction. Although the Ferrets mission was originally supposed to end once the campaign was over, ONI ordered them to remain undercover in the hopes of getting a shot at assassinating Atriox, the leader of the Banished. However, Atriox vanished with his flagship the CAS-class assault carrier Enduring Conviction soon after and the galaxy fell under the control of Cortana.[4]

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