Humans of the Joyous Journey

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Cover art of Halo: Divine Wind.
During their infiltration of the cult, Veta Lopis and the Ferrets adopted the distinctive hair styles of its members.

The Humans of the Joyous Journey, often shortened to just the Joyous Journey, are a predominantly human doomsday cult, active in the post-war era. The Joyous Journey seem to have adopted many tenets of the Covenant religion, and as of 2557 had become somewhat allied with the Keepers of the One Freedom.[1]


The Joyous Journey were active by at least around 2557, during which time the Ferrets under the command of Veta Lopis had been infiltrating their organisation. Using this as a stepping stone, the Ferrets were able to join the Joyous Journey's allies in the Keepers of the One Freedom, and spent the next eight months feeding information to the Office of Naval Intelligence.[1] Some humans, such as Quenbi, considered the Joyous Journey too tame, and joined the Keepers due to their more extreme views.[2]


Joyous Journey zealots have an identifiable look, signified with having shaved hair on both sides of their head and a mop of longer black hair running down the back of the head and neck.[1] The Joyous Journey teaches its adherents breathing excerises, something which proved useful with dealing with the Ferrets' side effects from their augmentations.[3]

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