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Keepers of the One Freedom

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Keepers of the One Freedom
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General overview


Religious cult


Organizational overview



New Tyne, Venezia

Historical overview


c. 2553

Notable events:


The Keepers of the One Freedom are a religious movement operating in the post-Covenant War era. They follow the religion of the former Covenant (including their belief in the "Great Journey"[1]), and are one of its many splinter factions. Their capital is established on the friendly colony of Venezia, but they are known to have allies on Gao. The Keepers are led by a small group of elders called Dokabs, most of whom were formerly high-ranked members of the Covenant military.[2]

Their official colors are blue and gold.



The Keepers are a Covenant remnant faction founded not long after the end of the Human-Covenant War. They are notable amongst the myriad of Covenant splinter groups for being one of the few to allow humans amongst their ranks. Consequently, this willingness to work with humans has earned them allies on several anti-UEG colonies such as Venezia and Gao, and their rapid rise in power has earned them the attention of several ONI intelligence assets.[3]

Gao conflict[edit]

Main article: Operation: JOVIAN WHISTLE
Keepers Brutes fighting UNSC forces.

In 2553, a UNSC task force was dispatched to Gao with the mission of retrieving a suspected Forerunner ancilla. During their inspection, the term "ancilla" was overheard by Veta Lopis, who promptly relayed this information to Gao's Minister of Protection Arlo Casille. Arlo then informed the cult leader (Dokab) Castor about the ancilla, much to the Jiralhanae's delight, beginning a Keeper invasion of Gao to recover the "oracle". The attack on UNSC forces begun when the One Light landed in a staged inspection, dispatching 500 troops into the jungle. The first attempt to recover the ancilla involved sending a small Brute task force into the caves, where they encountered and were subsequently defeated by Spartan Blue Team. At the same time, the larger task force opened fire on the UNSC garrison at Wendosa, using mortars and snipers to suppress the UNSC marines. When Blue Team eventually emerged from the cave system into the war-torn town, they pushed through the Keepers to Hotel Wendosa to link up with what remained of the garrison. Although Blue Team would be evacuated by a Falcon, the aircraft would be shot down by Keeper snipers, crash-landing in the jungle nearby. Castor and his pack would move in to engage the survivors of the crash, but would eventually be defeated by Blue Team. Castor was presumed dead after sustaining grievous injuries at the hands of Frederic-104, but would later encounter the Huragok Roams Alone, who would heal the injured Jiralhanae. Castor and Orsun then proceeded to leave Gao, with plans to exact vengeance on Casille for betraying the Keepers.


Main article: Operation: RETRIBUTION

In December 2553, the Keepers of the One Freedom became the primary suspects for the assassination of a UNSC admiral and the kidnapping of her family. Posing as pirates, Veta Lopis' Ferret team managed to infiltrate the Keepers Salvation Base on Taram where they discovered the bodies of the admiral's family, but realized that the Keepers were being framed by Dark Moon Enterprises. The Keepers came into conflict with both the Ferrets and Blue Team who destroyed Salvation Base with six HAVOK tactical nuclear weapons. It was estimated that the blast destroyed ninety percent of the Keeper forces on the base and would cripple their operations throughout the entire sector.[4]

However, before the explosion, the Keepers were able to capture two of the Dark Moon operatives and from them, track the culprits to a laboratory on Gao. The Keepers destroyed the lab and captured its director who, worried about Dark Moon's plan for the Tuwa's organs, aided the Keepers in tracking Dark Moon to Pinnacle Station. There, Castor's forces came up against Papa-10, a rogue ONI unit working for Intrepid Eye. During the battle, Orsun was killed by Lieutenant Bartalan Craddog with an M41 SPNKR before Papa-10's survivors fled to the surface of Meridian. The Keepers chased Papa-10 to the surface where all of the attackers but Castor were killed by the rogue unit, Blue Team and the Ferrets. Papa-10 was ultimately killed by Veta and Castor and the cryo-jars holding the organs of the Tuwa family were destroyed. Castor was left stranded on Meridian with a broken translation disk looking for a way off while the Keepers were cleared as the culprits behind the assassination which turned out to be a bioweapon plot. Intrepid Eye was able to avoid discovery as the true culprit which was believed to be Craddog. However, the destruction of her remote aspect Oriel left her unable to confirm whether or not Castor was killed or if any of his cell survived.[5]

Temporary alliance with the Banished[edit]

Main article: Operation: WOLFE

At some point near April 2558, 6 months before the rise of the Created, the Keepers entered into a temporary alliance with Atriox's Banished, serving as one of its legions. Shortly after, Atriox and Decimus departed for the Ark, leaving Escharum in command.[6] At some point in July 2559, they received a transmission from Escharum ordering them and two other Banished legions, the Legion of the Corpse-Moon and the Ravaged Tusks, to look for the hidden Ark slipspace portal in the Menachite portal complex beneath CASTLE Base.[7] They succeeded in locating it by observing Blue Team's path towards Menachite Mountain.[8] Soon after excavating it, Atriox activated the other end of the portal with the three shards of the Forerunner Crystal and came through in a Lich. Castor along with his Keepers and Inslaan 'Gadogai went rogue, leaving the Banished, and took the portal back to the Ark with the intent of activating the Halo Array.[9]

Military assets[edit]

The Keepers have a wide range of former Covenant and human weaponry at their disposal, including mortars, Beam Rifles, Needlers, Plasma Rifles and more traditional Jiralhanae weapons such as the Spiker and Mauler. The Keepers also have at least one operational starship, the One Light and at one point, the Fleet of Glory which suffered heavy casualties during Operation: RETRIBUTION. Their manpower consists of hundreds, if not thousands, of soldiers of Jiralhanae, Kig-Yar and human species. Their allies on Gao and Venezia have ensured a steady stream of supplies and weapons to the faction, allowing them to conduct anti-UNSC operations in a large capacity. They are also known to use Jiralhanae power armor, painted blue and gold, for the colors of the Keepers.


Ranks and roles[edit]

Classes Jiralhanae Kig-Yar Human Unggoy
Ranks and type classes
Standard ranks Minor Acolyte[10]
Specialized troops
Ratings Dokab



The Keepers are referenced in one of the weapon skins available for the plasma rifle in the Halo 3 component of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, released in Season 4: Reclaimer. Named Keeper, the skin's description reads Still searching for true freedom; an obvious nod to the name of the Keepers of the One Freedom. The plasma rifle skin itself is painted in a deep blue with yellow stripes.


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