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Feodruz, as seen in the Halo Encyclopedia (2022 edition).
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August 5, 2499[1]

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256.5 centimeters (101.0 in)[1]


607.8 kilograms (1,340 lb)[1]

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Feodruz is a Jiralhanae and a former member of the Keepers of the One Freedom. Following the faction's arrival at Installation 00 in late 2559, a series of fateful events led him to join the Banished.[1]


Early life and Covenant service[edit]

Similar to many Jiralhanae, Feodruz was born under the Covenant's occupation of Doisac. He trained from a very early age to embrace the teachings of the Covenant's religious strictures. Feodruz and his brothers from the clan known as Val'Mokta were assigned to the Fleet of Obligatory Tolerance for many years before they were sent into battle against humanity and its worlds during the War of Annihilation. For decades, Feodruz was unquestioning in the religious fervor of the Prophets, embracing the tenets of the Covenant until its bitter end.[2]

Joining the Keepers[edit]

Following the downfall of the Covenant, Feodruz found a calling under Dokab Castor of the Keepers of the One Freedom.[2] He became commander of Castor's personal escort and was one of the Keepers' most ferocious warriors, having also been one of the Castor's oldest surviving war-brothers, fighting at his side for over a decade during the War of Annihilation.[3]

Defecting to the Banished[edit]

After the Keepers had continued to pursue their objective of activating the Halo array on the Ark, they had eventually discovered that the Ferret team that had joined the Keepers and were brought with them to the Ark were UNSC spies.[4] Both Feodruz and Mark-G313, part of the ferrets, aggressively clashed in a brutal battle, leaving both sides heavily wounded, eventually leading to both warriors tumbling down a snowy cliffside. Castor and the remaining Keepers saw Mark-G313 still standing after the encounter, and determined that if he was still alive, Feodruz must not have been.[5] Unbeknownst to the Keepers, Feodruz had survived this battle and sometime after these events, Feodruz's sheer pragmatism saw him join the Banished numbers on the Ark.[2]

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