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Roams Alone
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Roams Alone is a Lifeworker Huragok formerly stationed at Covert Support Base 4276 on Gao. Roams Alone assisted Spartan Blue Team in July 2553 during the Gao conflict.[1]


Roams's life spanned an indeterminate but long time, living in the Montero Cave System of Gao neighboring Forerunner ruins of a Line installation as part of Covert Support Base 4276's complement of Huragok. He spent most of his days tending to the triglobite creatures living there, believing nurturing them to be his purpose.[2] On April 17, 2553, Gao's Forerunner ruins were reactivated following a distress signal triggered by a Covenant glassing, and rendered accessible for humans following a cave-in.[3] Roams Alone survived the cave-in and subsequent vacuum energy extractor explosion only because he had been half a kilometer away from the facility tending hyaline crayfish.[4]

The Huragok began exploring previous inaccessible regions of the caves and encountered human colonists of Gao. Any that had illnesses or injuries he treated, and to maintain protocol Roams Alone would wipe their memories of him following their surgery. However, this caused the healed humans to spread stories about the caves of Gao supernaturally curing them.[5] More people began entering the ruins, and its custodial ancilla Intrepid Eye began murdering them in an attempt to deter their intrusions. Roams Alone would sometimes find their bodies and give them small funerary rites.[6]

When the UNSC and Gao Ministry of Protection launched a joint investigation of the murders, Roams Alone was encountered by Major Ira Halal and Private Hayes, during which he attempted to greet them but was wounded by the humans' misguided attempts to defend themselves.[7] Roams's blood was later discovered by the investigation team of Veta Lopis, Cirilo, and several Spartans, and the trail led them to follow Roams and Intrepid further through the caves.[8] Intrepid Eye attempted to kill the human group with her Aggressor Sentinels, but the Spartans fended off the attack, though with Olivia-G291 badly injured. After the battle, Roams approached them curiously and began to heal Olivia's broken legs.[9] Subsequently the humans took custody of Roams and decided to return to the surface with him.[10]

As the team made their way back, they were engaged by Intrepid Eye, now housed in an inspection drone. Intrepid, hoping to hack into Fred-104's armor, communicated with Roams Alone in an attempt to get him away from combat, but the Huragok was more concerned with continuing to tend to Olivia's injures.[11] Intrepid was subsequently subdued by Fred with a scramble grenade, but the drone retained enough power to continue communicating to Roams. The humans were aware that Intrepid was speaking to Roams, but could not do anything about it due to not understanding Huragok sign language.[12]

On the surface, war had broken out as the Keepers of the One Freedom engage the UNSC for capture of the Forerunner ancilla. Shortly thereafter, Roams Alone removed the scramble grenade from Intrepid and the two tried to escape through the besieged town of Wendosa, but ultimately the two were captured again.[13][14] Reaching a UNSC landing zone, the group attempted to take Roams aboard a Falcon for extraction, but Roams refused to come close to the frightening aircraft.[15] Fred chose to leave him behind with Lopis and take the inert Intrepid first, but moments later the Falcon was shot down from its flight by a Kig-Yar sniper.[16] When Blue Team headed to the Briones Ridge to retrieve him, Roams Alone was left at the infirmary at Hotel Wendosa under Captain Breit's watch.[17] After Fred was recovered, Roams was brought with him to the Montero Vitality Center and helped treat his injuries.[18]

With Gao reinforcements approaching, the UNSC forces were ordered to retreat, including Veta and the Spartans. Roams accompanied them as they fled on Warthogs, but the group was pursued by Wyvern aircraft. Forced to flee their vehicles, Veta retreated into the jungle with the Huragok, but it slipped free of her tethers and began exploring the jungle. Deeming it too great a risk to retrieve it without alerting the Wyverns, the humans reluctantly let him go. Roams was last seen by them treating wild birds and gesturing to Veta in a way that suggested "goodbye".[19]

Following the conclusion of the Battle of Gao, Roams encountering the wounded leadership of the Keepers of the One Freedom, Orsun and Castor. The Huragok treated Castor's injuries, and Orsun attempted to capture it for their troops. However, Orsun demanded he let Roams Alone return to the jungle, viewing him as a grace from the Forerunners.[20]

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