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Blue Team and Veta Lopis in the cave system.

The Montero Cave System is an immense series of caves located beneath the surface of Gao, a human Outer Colony. Located in the Montero region in the Campos Wilderness District, the cave system encompasses thousands of square kilometers of karst caves underneath the Montero Jungle.[1]


The Montero Cave System was host to the Forerunner Covert Support Base 4276, a support facility for Line Installation 444-447 on the nearby Shaps III in the Shaps system.[2] The cave system itself—at least the portion of it around the support base—was artificial, created by the Forerunners to function as service caverns for the facility. The caves served as a camouflaged cooling array, with the winding tangles of caves seemingly designed to give hot air time to cool before it reached the surface. The caverns rose upward in a roughly spiral pattern, many of them terminating at underground lakes. In the center of the elaborate array was the Well of Echoes, a deep basin directly above the Forerunner base, which served as a vent for the hot air.[3] Other parts of the caves performed various functions for the support base, including drainage conduits and settling ponds—all fashioned in the likeness of natural terrain.[2]

Its nature unknown to the human colonists, the Montero Cave System was Gao's most popular natural wonder and a famous tourist attraction.[1] During Operation: JOVIAN WHISTLE on July 6, 2553, the support base and a large part of the cave system around it were destroyed by Blue Team with a HAVOK tactical nuclear weapon to prevent the Forerunner technology from falling into the hands of the Gao Republic's anti-centralization government.[4]


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