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July 4, 2553[1]





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Gao Ministry of Protection[3]


Cirilo was a human crime scene analyst of the Gao Ministry of Protection, serving under Special Inspector Veta Lopis.[3]


When murders in the Montero Cave System coincided with the deployment of the United Nations Space Command's 717th Xeno-Materials Exploitation Battalion on Gao, the Gao Ministry of Protection launched a joint-investigation with the UNSC to identify the murder. Special Inspector Veta Lopis and her team, including Cirilo, was dispatched to the caves to examine crime scenes for clues along with the UNSC.[3]

On July 2, 2553, Lopis had Cirilo use trace evidence bots to examine the latest crime scene.[3] After new victims of the murderer were discovered, Major Ira Halal and Private Hayes left the others so that the major could personally inspect the crime scene before those of the GMoP. When Lopis discovered Halal's intent, she and Cirilo accompanied Fred-104, Ash-G099, Olivia-G291, and Mark-G313 to search for Halal and Hayes.[4] Arriving at the crime scene on July 4, the group found Halal and Hayes murdered. Examining the area with Fluorescel spray, Cirilo was able to identify a trail of blood from Huragok Roams Alone, who had been injured by Hayes. Bagging the bodies, the group set out to follow the trail of blood in hopes of locating the killer.[2]

Unbeknownst to the GMoP, the murderer was actually Forerunner archeon-class ancilla Intrepid Eye, the attached AI of Covert Support Base 4276 located within the caverns. When Cirilo, Lopis, and the Spartans came near the facility, Intrepid Eye sent her four remaining Aggressor Sentinels to engage the humans. While Cirilo and Lopis engaged the Sentinels with M7 submachine guns, Fred and the Spartan-IIIs engaged the Sentinels in close-quarters combat. During the engagement, Cirilo was struck by a Sentinel's beam and instantly killed; the Sentinel was promptly destroyed by Fred. A cave-in shortly after buried Cirilo's corpse within the cavern, while Lopis and the Spartans narrowly escaped.[1] Cirilo's remains were later found by Roams Alone, who expressed interest in saving the human but realized that Cirilo was "beyond repair".[5]

Personality and traits[edit]

"Cirilo can be a flirt."
— Veta Lopis[6]

A lanky individual,[4] Veta Lopis noted that Cirilo was a flirt, as he often referred to Lopis as "mama" as in "hot mama". Though it did not bother her as she knew that Cirilo respected her as his boss.[3] Circilo was a close friend of Lopis and was aware of her fears of confined spaces, and attempted to make her feel calm after the two had to climb through a small cavern in the Montero Cave System. Lopis regarded him as a handsome individual and the closest thing she had to a lover, a trusted friend and colleague who shared her passion for catching Gao's criminals.[2]

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